Applications of Cromgard Stainless Steel in Seagrave Fire Apparatus

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Cromgard Specialty Stainless Steel in Seagrave Fire Apparatus
Performance of Cromgard Fire Apparatus
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Crompion International are the premier distributor of Cromgard, the Specialty grade Stainless Steel in the Americas. Providing our customers with the product they need, at the lowest possible cost to the satisfaction of our customers.

Crompion International is built upon a solid foundation of its people. The management of company is dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic towards providing our customers with a high quality product that improves efficiencies and lowering costs.

Cromgard Specialty Stainless Steel in Seagrave Fire Apparatus

Every twenty seconds, our nation's firefighters respond to an emergency call and last year, more died in rollovers than were killed battling fires. However, Seagrave Fire Apparatus is out to change that and Cromgard is playing a major role.

Most apparatus manufacturers use aluminum to build its cab or compartments, but Seagrave made the switch to Cromgard specialty stainless steel and is now producing the strongest, safest vehicles in the industry. Cromgard is used to build Seagrave's Marauder II cab subassembly, which totally surrounds and protects the driver, officer and crew offering more structural integrity than any other cab on the market. Cromgard is 43% stronger than traditional stainless steel, 250 times more corrosion and abrasion resistant than mild steel, which means the apparatus will stand the test of time through long winters, salty roads, rainy summers and the daily grime that comes with fighting fires.

Figure 1. Fire truck cabon made from Cromgard specialty stainless steel.

Figure 2. Seagrave fire truck made from Cromgard specialty stainless steel.

Performance of Cromgard Fire Apparatus

One of the first apparatus in the United States built with Cromgard was for East Hartford Connecticut Fire Department. Engine 6 was delivered to the Fire Department in 2005. In a recent phone interview Master Mechanic Kevin Foran stated, "It's one of the best trucks we have. We've not had any issues with the truck since we received it and structurally it's holding up great. Last January, we purchased the AERIAL: 100' Mid Mount TowerMax Platform with the Marauder II chassis, also made with Cromgard. We expect the same results."” East Hartford Fire Department has two engines and one ladder from Seagrave.

Economic Reasons for Choosing Cromgard Specialty Stainless Steel

"In addition to its safety advantages," stated Crompion International Business Development Manager, Matt Seube, " Cromgard's inherent strength allows you to consider designing with a lower or thinner gauge, which could reduce initial costs when compared to the likes of 304. In comparison with other materials, costs are also reduced over the lifecycle of the vehicle. With Cromgard, you can save up front, or save later, either way, it benefits the manufacturer and customer. "Being a volunteer firefighter, I can appreciate the discipline and commitment to safety that Seagrave has taken when they designed the Marauder II Cab," said Seube. "If the firefighters can't get to the call they're responding to, it could mean life or death. Both for the individual in need of the fire department and the firefighters themselves."

Crompion International is proud to contribute to the noble cause of protecting many of the brave men and women who do such a great job protecting our nation during fires and emergencies.

Cromgard vs. Aluminum

Here is some info to consider when considering whether to use Cromgard in place of aluminum.


  • Yield strength is 65% higher than type 6061 aluminum
  • Melting point is 56% higher than type 3003 aluminum
  • Cromgard has a coefficient of thermal expansion that is 51% less than 3003 aluminum.

Overall, aluminum is harder to weld and often warps during welding. Cromgard was engineered to be welded. In fact, it welds like mild steel and performs like stainless. So if you're looking for a material that's easy to fabricate, easy to weld and extremely strong and corrosive resistant, Cromgard is it.

About Crompion International

Crompion International are a Louisiana-based, globally operational world leader in providing specialty, low nickel steels and consulting services to a broad range of industries. As the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of Cromgard, high-performance stainless steel products, Crompion International pride their services not only on selling this specialty product, but on understanding how their customers use their products.

In addition, through patented technologies developed with strategic partners, Crompion International have established the company as an innovative force that is helping to dramatically evolve the industries that it serves.

Crompion International offers a range of specialized stainless steel solutions that can help you lower costs, extend the life of your equipment, reduce maintenance and decrease the weight of your end product. Cromgard, Crompion International's signature stainless steel, offers strength and durability along with amazing corrosion and abrasion resistance.

This company now offer a range of new grades of Cromgard, providing two primary solutions: to improve performance over early grade 400-series where higher temperatures and corrosion are common, and to provide an alternative to price-volatile, high-nickel stainless like 300-series.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Crompion International.

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