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Wrestling over Resources – are we stimulating the GFC spots?

Do you remember the last global financial crisis (GFC)? It was a lot like the current one but it had more of a flavour of hamburger than souvlaki. The Europeans are now trying to navigate a way through the choppy wate... [More]

Best iPhone Apps for Materials Scientists

"Dont Worry, be APP'y" - A Review of Materials Related APP's Unless you've been hiding in a cave for the last few months (Tiger and Osama you're excused), it has been almost impossible to avoid the hysteria surrounding... [More]

Winning the War on Wear, Particle by Particle - Leave the Axle Grease and Sawdust in the Can!

During the middle ages, or the 1980's to tech savvy Gen Y's, I had a working relationship with what can only be described as an archetypal British engineering machine shop.  Employing around 15 staff, its main func... [More]

Developing Nanotechnology - The Government Approach in Australia - Part 2

Following my earlier thoughts on the Australian approach to National Nanotech development, I was subsequently accosted at ICONN 2010 by Government representatives who wished to speak to me about my comments regarding the... [More]

Developing Nanotechnology - The Government Approach in Australia

Always interesting to see how Governments try to support their developing technologies. A recent announcement from Senator Kim Carr the Australian Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research heralds the prov... [More]

Just Keep it Simple and Stop Stupidity!

For many years I have been a frequent visitor to the lexicon of Management Jargon and an all too frequent victor in the game of BullPoo bingo. I have "synergised", "focused on core competencies", "thought out of the box... [More]

So what's in a name anyway?

What better way to mark the start of a new decade than the official opening of the world's tallest building in Dubai. Originally slated to be the Burj Dubai, but changed at the last minute to be t... [More]

Told you AirBags on Golf Clubs wasn't such a Stupid Idea

'Tis the season to be jolly, with goodwill to all men', to look back, reflect and look forward to what's coming over the hill. We've trawled through the AZoM archives for the last 12 months to divine the major themes ... [More]

If you ain't got that Bling...!

When recently asked by a fellow member of the mid-life crisis club if I had a problem with my kids blasting out rap music, I indicated that for me, listening to rap music was up there with leisure pursuits such as "sno... [More]

Carbuncles and Friends, traditional or modern building materials?

It's no doubt one of the great joys of being a royal is that you can have a rant about any subject and your loyal subjects and their less loyal press barons are duty bound to at least give you a hearing. Prince Charle... [More]