New Journal for 2009 from Maney - Bubble Science, Engineering and Technology

Published on February 2, 2009 at 6:36 PM

Professor Mohan Edirisinghe (University College London, UK), Dr Carlos Martinez (Purdue University, USA) and Maney Publishing are pleased to announce a new journal for 2009, Bubble Science, Engineering and Technology.

There is rapidly growing interest in the production and control of bubbles in numerous disciplines. Suspensions of stable gas microbubbles play a vital role in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in biotechnology, environmental engineering, and minerals and materials processing. In molecular biology, microbubbles are central to the mesoscale self-assembly of smart materials, microfabrication and DNA-driven assembly. Microbubbles have also shown great promise in therapeutic applications such as targeted drug delivery, gene therapy, thrombolysis and ultrasound surgery, and are the most effective type of contrast agent available for ultrasound radiography.

Recent developments in processing, diagnostics and therapeutics have generated a greatly increased need for advanced preparation technologies that provide a high degree of control over microbubble characteristics. Achieving these objectives requires multidisciplinary collaboration and Bubble Science, Engineering and Technology will aim to provide an effective resource for researchers in bubbles research to facilitate these interactions.

The journal’s coverage will include drug and gene therapy, food science, medical physics, materials science and engineering, climate engineering, environmental engineering and biotechnology. Peer-reviewed contributions will address aspects such as:

  • Microbubble preparation and microencapsulation technologies;
  • Control and characterisation of bubble size and properties;
  • Functionalisation of bubbles, e.g. with nanoparticles, surfactants, pharmaceuticals and/or bioactive agents;
  • Applications of microbubbles in materials processing, medicine and imaging.
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