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Milling System from VHE Safely Removes Spikes from Aluminium Smelter Anodes

Published on May 1, 2011 at 7:26 PM

Spike or mushroom formation on the underside of carbon anodes causes pot instability and reduced current efficiency.

Affected anodes are usually pulled from the cell and the spike removed manually by breaking it with a crowbar or sledge hammer, or in some cases the partly used anode is discarded.

VHE manufactures a millling system which can safely remove anode spikes, returning this valuable resource to further use.

The VHE Anode Milling Machine mills away irregularities in partially used anodes, improving their profile and extending their usable life. Defective anodes are pulled from the pots and milled whilst still hot, then returned again to the original stall. Alternatively, anodes can be cooled and milled cold.

VHE offers two variations - a machine installed in a fixed location, and a trailer-mounted mobile machine. Both options can operate in semi-automatic and manual modes. Where total control over the process is desired, each level of the procedure can be separatey controlled. Scrap carbon is collected in a container located under the machine.

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