Tetronics Supplies Plasma Technology to Recover Precious Metals from Electrical Waste

Tetronics, a supplier of direct current plasma waste recovery plants for processing of metal recovery and adverse waste materials, has collaborated with Solar Applied Materials Technology, a Taiwan-based company specializing in refining rare materials and metals, to study the possibilities of using plasma technology for extracting precious metals from electronic waste and auto/industrial catalysts.

Tetronics Plasma Metal Recovery Furnace

As per the partnership, Tetronics is supplying the first plasma plant to Taiwan for precious metals recovery, which includes platinum group metals. Tectronics’ patented plasma recovery method involves separation and recovery of precious materials from electronic waste, while destroying adverse organic materials contained in the waste material such as dioxins.

Using a processing step, the residual non-precious materials are converted into Plasmarok, a non-reactive, non-adverse material that can be disposed safely. The recovery method can be utilized as an effective solution for handling electrical waste problems.

Solar Applied Materials Technology’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Ma commented that the Tetronics’ plasma recovery technology offers greater levels of technical refining than competitive technologies.

The Chief Executive Officer at Tetronics, Stephen Davies stated that the company is happy to collaborate with Solar Applied Materials Technology. The company believes that its plasma technology is suitable to complement Solar Applied Materials Technology’s continued expansion plans.

Source: http://www.tetronics.com

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