Morphologi G3 Gets Fully Automated Image Analysis System

Published on July 26, 2011 at 7:03 PM

Malvern Instruments has released a new version of software for the company's Morphologi G3 particle characterization system. This fully automated image analysis-based system delivers particle size and shape information for wet and dry samples, and for the analysis of foreign particulate matter collected on filters.

Among the new applications in the version 7.40 software are facilities for user-defined light settings and automated dark-field measurements, further extending the range of applications for which the Morphologi G3 can be used. A new reanalyze function enables the application of filters, classes and the rebinning of data to multiple records, for improved productivity and workflow.

Particle image from the Morphologi G3 using episcopic dark-field with colour and polarizers.

With the new software, Morphologi G3 users can now more closely define their own light settings in the standard operating procedures (SOP), allowing for darkfield and polarizer measurements. The Version 7.40 software also introduces a polygonal selection tool for tighter definition of size and shape classes, and a circular area selection tool for more accurate analysis of particulates on filters.

The Morphologi G3 automated particle characterization system provides statistically significant, high-quality image data for thousands of particles in one measurement. For further information on the system and its software please visit

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