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VHE Hall Effect Ammeters Prove Popular with Aluminium Smelters

Published on September 18, 2011 at 11:41 PM

The VHE Hall Effect Ammeter continues to be in demand by those smelters paying increased attention to pot performance. Recent orders shipped include three ammeters configured for cathode riser bar measurements to Aluar in Argentina, and one configured for anode rod measurements to a European smelter.

The VHE Hall Effect Meter is a specialised portable ammeter. Lightweight and easy to operate, it is intended to provide good accuracy and repeatability in monitoring pot performance. The conductor current is instantaneously displayed on a backlit screen fixed to the probe handle.

The VHE Hall Effect Ammeter.

The U-shaped sensor head does not need to go fully around the conductor, making it both easier and quicker to take multiple measurements. A screen icon indicates low power remaining in the standard 9V alkaline dry cell. An over-temperature warning protects against excessive heat.

Originally intended for use in measuring cathode riser bar current, the VHE Hall Effect Meter may also be used to measure the anode rod current as an alternative to VHE's Volt Drop Anode Ammeter.

Every Hall Effect Ammeter is customised to specific potroom requirements - the lance length and angle is configured for easy access, the probe is dimensioned to suit the conductor, and the meter is scaled for the pot current.

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