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VHE Bandsaw Provides and Clean and Efficient Method for Replacement of Damaged Anode Stubs

Published on October 30, 2011 at 7:50 PM

Replacement of damaged anode stubs is a routine process in all prebake aluminium smelters.

In the past, many smelters have used gas torches to cut off damaged stubs, an environmentally unsound process with health and safety considerations due to noise and molten metal. Some rodding shops have opted to unhook rods from the overhead conveyor and use mechanical hacksaws or circular saws in an effort to reduce the dangers and improve the cut quality, a time-cosuming process.

VHE Stimir Stub Saw for Soeral – Norway.

For the past ten years VHE of Iceland has supplied an effective and efficient customised band saw, offering energy savings, a low noise profile, clean and precise cut surfaces, and easy and inexpensive blade replacement. The saw is designed such that stubs are cut horizontally whilst the rod remains hanging in the overhead conveyor.

The machine is suitable for all designs of yoke, including star and hexapod designs. System automation enables the selection of any of three cut lengths on any combination of the stubs on each anode rod.

The smooth and precise cut surfaces produce by the VHE saw prepares the stub for a high quality welded repair.

Velaverkstaedi Hjalta Einarssonar - VHE is a major mechanical fabricator, offering a comprehensive range of design, manufacturing and site services. VHE now provides all Stimir solutions to the primary aluminium industry, with particular focus on the Rodding Plant. All aspects of design and fabrication are undertaken at VHE's own facilities, ensuring total quality control and on-time delivery.

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