New Recording Anode and Cathode Ammeters for Aluminium Smelters from VHE

Published on March 18, 2012 at 7:10 PM

VHE has launched a new range of recording anode and cathode ammeters.

VHE's new range of recording anode and cathode ammeters.

The meters are designed to measure the d.c. current in cathode riser bars and anode rod stems and have been redesigned, including an updated display panel incorporating Bluetooth technology. In use, visual and aural prompts cue the operator to press a data button, when the reading is transmitted to a handheld computer running customised software.

Recorded data may be downloaded with a USB cable to a PC running Microsoft Excel.

Ammeters for direct reading, without the datalogger, continue to be available.

VHE's recording anode ammeters are standard products, but handle lengths and sensor head geometry of cathode ammeters are customised. Measuring heads are pluggable for quick change, and the meter unit will identify each head, eliminating the need to recalibrate the unit before every use.

About VHE

Velaverkstaedi Hjalta Einarssonar - VHE is a major mechanical fabricator, offering a comprehensive range of design, manufacturing and site services. VHE now provides all Stimir solutions to the primary aluminium industry, with particular focus on the Rodding Plant. All aspects of design and fabrication are undertaken at VHE's own facilities, ensuring total quality control and on-time delivery.

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