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Grafen Chemical Industries

Grafen Chemical Industries
521 sok. No: 39 İvedik
AğaƧ İşleri Sanayi Sitesi
Ankara, 06370
PH: +90 (3123) 948109
Fax: +90 (3123) 945514
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Grafen Chemical Industries (GCI) is a leader in the fabrication and application of carbon nanomaterials, novel family of broad range of materials with miraculous electrical, mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. Products offered by GCI include advanced carbon nanomaterials, particularly graphene and carbon nanotubes, as well as cutting-edge technologies based on carbon based nanodevices.

Works in GCI, in addition to nanomaterial manufacturing, focus on industrial organic electronics, high performance materials and green chemistry. Under these titles, our Team has developed electrically conductive plastics, electromagnetic shielding paints, nanocomposite ballistic protection textiles, low-permeability active packaging films, phytochemical antimicrobials, self-cleaning coatings and toxic waste management processes.