Custom Furnacing and Purifying of Raw Materials

A refractory company was facing a problem in the form of increasing impurities in a key raw material sourced by it for one of its major product lines. The company believed that the impurities were the reason behind the increased failure rates of its final product.

It appointed a research and development team to find a solution for impurity removal from the raw material. The team believed that electric-arc furnace technology could be a potential solution for this problem. However, they lacked the instrument and the expertise to test their idea.

Solution from Washington Mills

The research and development team approached Washington Mills’ custom fusion and milling group. The company did not require tons of material, but just a quantity adequate for testing to see whether it is possible to reduce the impurities, and if so, the potential cost required for employing electric-arc furnace technology on a larger scale.

Washington Mills explored the raw material and decided to test the material in its pilot scale electric-arc furnace. Based on its earlier experience with similar impurities, Washington Mills believed that an electric-arc furnace could successfully reduce the unwanted impurities.

Washington Mills conducted the trial in its pilot furnace, a scaled down electric-arc furnace that can produce several pounds of material within a couple of days.


Highly skilled and knowledgeable furnace technicians at Washington Mills produced fused compositions using the appropriate voltage and power settings. The pilot furnace was able to produce three pounds of material with only trace levels of the unwanted impurities.

With the assistance of Washington Mills’ custom furnace and milling group, the refractory company successfully proved its idea of using electric-arc furnace technology for reducing unwanted impurities in the raw material.


The customer was happy that it was able to successfully complete the test thanks to the technology and expertise of Washington Mills. The customer could now take the concept to the next step and work with Washington Mills to estimate the production costs required to run the same material on one of Washington Mills’ larger furnaces.

Washington Mills established the feasibility of the technology and as a result, the customer was able to make significant progress in addressing its raw material problem.

About Washington Mills

Washington Mills is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of abrasive materials and fused mineral products. As the largest producer in North America with sales and manufacturing facilities around the world, our capabilities are unrivaled in the industry.

We offer a rich array of abrasive grains and specialty electro-fused minerals. From macro grits to micro grits, to custom specialty fusions, our fused materials are used around the world in hundreds of different industries and applications.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Washington Mills.

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