Macor® Machinable Glass Ceramics

CORNING GLASS MACOR® is a machinable glass ceramic that is specifically developed in slabs of 300x300x55mm. The only way to shape this glass ceramic is through machining and grinding process. The ceramic can be molded only in large quantity orders. SCERAM, a certified supplier of MACOR Machinable glass ceramic, is the only company to offer a reasonable pricelist for Macor standard products, which include bars, rods, discs or plates. SCERAM stocks these products in its factory for easy and quick delivery.

For clients who wish to machine their own MACOR parts, SCERAM provides a dedicated pricelist. The company also provides machining services for more complex parts.

Specifications of MACOR

Globally recognized as a technological innovation, MACOR machinable glass ceramic also provides a technical solution for an extensive range of industrial applications. MACOR offers a range of possibilities and gives the machinability of a soft metal, the versatility of a high performance polymer, and the performance of a technical ceramic. Thus, MACOR is an excellent engineering material that can be easily and quickly designed into intricate shapes using traditional metalworking tools.

General Properties of MACOR

Unlike other technical material, MACOR exhibits a special combination of properties. It a non-out-gassing material with zero porosity and does not need any annealing after machining; it is white, non-wetting, odorless and extremely machinable. MACOR has tight tolerances capabilities and thus allows for complex shape designs - optimal performances up to 0.013µm for polished surface, < 0.5µm for finished surface, and +/- 0.013mm for dimensions.

Unlike ductile materials, MACOR does not creep or deform. It remains stable at 800°C, with a maximum peak at 1000°C. Since MACOR is an electric insulator at increased temperatures, it has excellent stability at a broad spectrum of frequencies and high voltages. In addition, its coefficient of thermal expansion matches most sealing glasses and metals.

MACOR is strong and rigid unlike plastics and can be utilized at high temperature, in continuous work at 800°C and 1000°C at peak. It is an electrical and high temperature insulator and resistant to radiation, MACOR can be metallized in thick layers, and polished Macor can be employed in high-vacuum applications.


Some of the applications of MACOR are as follows:

  • Laser technology
  • Aerospace
  • Fixtures
  • Chemical
  • Automobile
  • Optical
  • Constant and ultra-high vacuum environments
  • Electronic and semi conductor industries
  • Medical/laboratory equipment
  • Military
  • Nuclear industries.


SCERAM supplies the CORNING GLASS MACOR, which is a key technological innovation with a unique combination of properties. It is suitable for a wide range of markets and applications.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Sceram Ceramics.

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