Properties and Applications of Fillers and Extenders

Composition Materials offers a wide selection fillers, extenders, powders and flours including: walnut shell flour, thermoset plastic flours, wood flous, corn cob flour, rice hull flour, ground rubber, ground leather, metal powders and flock (cotton, nylon and cellulose).

Fillers and Extenders

Wood Flours

Wood flours are available in softwood and hardwood grades for use in manufacturing adhesives, rubber, roofing paper and roofing shingles; filtration; absorbency in cleaning industrial spills and soil remediation; as well as to modify viscosity and reduce mold shrink.

Walnut Shell Flours

Walnut Shell Flours are used in adhesive, construction, resin, plywood, furniture, rubber, paint and cosmetics industries. It is widely used in burn-out applications for porosity in ceramics, as well as in filtration and non-skid applications.

Non-Skid and Anti-Slip Media

Non-skid and anti-slip media include Walnut Shells, Plastic Media and Aluminum Oxide. Some media types can be mixed-in to paints for easy application. Non-skid materials are widely used on ramps, decks, swimming pools, tubs, surfboards and skate boards.

Plastic Media Fillers

Plastic media fillers and powders are used as additives in resins and compounds. They are available in multi-colored particles or clear/white particles. Available in multi-colored or white/clear particles.

Additional Fillers

Rice Hull Ash, Rice Hulls, Ground Rubber, Ground Leather Fiber, Sisal, Flock and Cellulose are available.

Composition Materials

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