UV Curable Masking

UV Curable Masking Resins offer innovative masking solutions for a variety of manufacturing applications, including medical devices and aerospace operations. UV resins cure in seconds when exposed to UV light and leave no residue, saving time, reducing costs and increasing productivity. Commonly used on titanium, cobalt, aluminum, alloys, nickel and steel. Resins hold up to shot peening, polishing, air plasma spray coatings, acid stripping, plating, machining and grit blasting.

Composition Materials manufactures CM Mask resins in peelable and burn-off grades, each offering different degrees of adhesion, flexibility and thickness to match the requirements of each application. The curing process can be automated to be in process on conveyors.

UV Curable Masking Resin for Mask Medical Knee Implant

Figure 1. UV Curable Masking Resin for Mask Medical Knee Implant

About Composition Materials

Since 1923, Composition Materials has been an industry leader in supplying Abrasives, Blast Media, Non-Skid Media, Deflashing Media, Fillers & Extenders, UV Masking Resins and Natural Cosmetic Ingredients.

Many of the company’s products are manufactured from recycled and sustainable sources. Composition Materials has a large network of worldwide distributors throughout North America, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Rim

Composition Materials

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