Transforming Gas Chromatography Processes Using a Hydrogen Generator

Laboratories conducting Gas Chromatography (GC) processes are aware of the issues caused by using compressed gas storage or liquid hydrogen tanks for their carrier and fuel gas requirements. From the perspective of reliability, efficiency, and safety, on-site hydrogen generation is a much better option for providing hydrogen carrier and fuel gas required by laboratories.

Small laboratories can fulfill their requirements for a pure, safe, and continuous hydrogen supply with bench-top generators. However, deploying several small generators is not a cost-effective option for large laboratories that run tens to hundreds of gas chromatographers.

Solution from Proton OnSite

Large laboratories to leverage the benefits of on-site hydrogen production can deploy a single, larger Proton OnSite hydrogen generator, which can be plumbed into each lab as a 'Lab Server' with the ability to provide a stream of gas at the click of a button from anywhere in the facility. Proton OnSite's large Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers are the only generators capable of running as a Lab Server.

Proton OnSite’s S Series hydrogen generator (Figure 1) is capable of supplying ultra high-purity hydrogen gas to as much as 200 GC units. It maintains, manages and monitors the gas from a single source, thus ensuring constant flow, pressure and purity across the facility.

Proton OnSite’s HOGEN® S Series hydrogen generator.

Figure 1. Proton OnSite’s S Series hydrogen generator.

Advantages of Proton OnSite's Hydrogen Gas Generators

An on-site hydrogen generator is capable of providing continuous gas supply with no requirement for exchanging tanks, thereby allowing the lab to function continuously without operator involvement. Proton OnSite's hydrogen gas generation systems generate hydrogen on-demand, thereby eliminating the explosion risks and the costs associated with safety standards for stored hydrogen cylinders.

On-site hydrogen generators have minimal safety requirements, lower operating costs and need very little maintenance. Proton OnSite's hydrogen gas generators require only a few hours for installation. They supply reliable, pure hydrogen gas to the entire lab on-demand using only water and electricity. With a production rate of 4.8 to 18.8 SLPM, Proton OnSite's compact S Series hydrogen generators deliver the equivalent of four cylinders of better-than-UHP grade hydrogen every day.


Proton OnSite has supplied thousands of hydrogen generators to customers in meteorological balloon filling, Gas Chromatography, electronics/ semiconductor fabrication, materials processing, electric power generator cooling, and for fuel cell development and H2 fueling systems. These on-site hydrogen generation systems help many industries eliminate expenses pertaining to delivery and use of hydrogen.


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