Tailor-Made Inorganic Nanoparticle Dispersions, Suspensions and Inks

Avantama offers unique services for synthesis of tailor-made nanoparticle dispersions and suspensions. The quality of Avantama’s dispersion products is enabled by their robust and adaptable technology and nanoparticle dispersion knowhow. Avantama’s customers can specify the properties of the nanoparticle dispersions by manipulating the following parameters:

  • Nanoparticle composition (full freedom of choice, e.g. chemical composition, additional dopants etc.)
  • Nanoparticle size (10 – 100 nm)
  • Solvent (full freedom, e.g. organic solvents, alcohols, water etc.)
  • Nanoparticle concentration in dispersion (0.1 – 50 wt%)
  • Final processing route (ink jet printing, slot-dye coating etc.)
  • Quantities: 10 ml – 100 l

High Quality Nanoparticle Dispersions

Avantama is a world leading company for customized nanoparticle development and production. The Zurich, Switzerland based company now also offers the development of customized nanoparticle dispersions. Avantama has managed to expand their knowhow in the fabrication of nanoparticle dispersions and polymer master batches. Some of the characteristics of the dispersions are:

  • Non-agglomerated nanoparticles stabilized in liquids
  • High nanoparticle loadings (up to 50 wt%) still resulting in optical transparency
  • Liquid media: water, polar solvents, apolar solvents
  • Master batches in different polymer systems

Benefits of nanoparticle dispersions:

  • Easy handling and application of nanoparticle solution
  • Elimination of powder hazards

New compositions and dispersions can be easily designed and requested on Avantama website.

Transparent dispersion of 30 wt% Alumina nanoparticles in water.

Figure 1. Transparent dispersion of 30 wt% Alumina nanoparticles in water.

Application of the alumina dispersion on a glass substrate. The resulting ceramic film exhibits high transparency due to the high quality of the starting dispersion.

Figure 2. Application of the alumina dispersion on a glass substrate. The resulting ceramic film exhibits high transparency due to the high quality of the starting dispersion.

Batch Analysis of Nanoparticle Dispersions

Every single batch of nanoparticles that leaves Avantama's labs is thoroughly analyzed and characterized with several techniques, including crystal phase of the nanoparticles, dry powder particle size, and particle size distribution in dispersion.

These metrics prove the quality of the product,  and help you to better understand your results. These analytics are included in every delivery for free. Additional analytics can be ordered on request.

Optimized Nanoparticle Dispersions

Taking advantage of Avantama’s unique services in nanoparticle dispersions, suspensions and inks allows you to develop new materials and processes in a very focused and efficient way. By dealing with the main requirements for the product in the initial order, the first iteration is already close to a prototype.

This simplified approach is only possible due to Avantama’s versatile technology and knowhow. Avantama is able to adapt the nanoparticle composition (e.g. dopant level, doping element), solvents etc. according to your needs, whilst keeping all the other properties constant. This shortens the development process for new materials by providing you with precisely the nanoparticle dispersions you need.

Tailor-made nanoparticle dispersions.

Figure 3. Tailor-made nanoparticle dispersions. Image credit: © Avantama 2014

Experts in Materials Development Using Nanoparticle Dispersions

Avantama also offers materials development support, where needed. Avantama has developed materials based on nanoparticles for many years. Such materials can be applied by different printing techniques, include polymer composites and many more.

If you need support, the experienced Avantama R&D team is happy to help - whether you need a specific compatibility in a certain solvent or polymer, there are not many problems Avantama’s team has not faced and solved in the past.

Advantages of Avantama Nanoparticle Dispersions

The main advantages of Avantama’s technology are:

  • Material flexibility: full compositional freedom is guaranteed and the customer is fully included in the materials choice.
  • Rapid materials screening: Avantama nanoparticle dispersions are developed, produced and shipped within only a few weeks
  • Dispersion quality: Avantama dispersions are of highest quality, e.g. d99 < 50 nm, if required < 30 nm
  • Purity: Can be decided by the customers
  • Reproducibility: Re-ordering of the same material is no problem at high batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Applicability: Avantama can optimize their nanoparticle dispersions to specific printing or coating techniques (e.g. ink jet printing, slot-dye coating)

About Avantama – Customized Solutions

Avantama is a nanoparticle dispersion boutique with only few off-the-shelf compositions. All the nanoparticle dispersions are produced according to individual specifications and 100% tailor-made.

Avantama is the worldwide leader in the tailor-made development of specialty nanoparticles and nanoparticle dispersions. Avantama develops innovative materials on request to perfectly meet the different industries’ needs. Avantama's technology and knowhow enable ultra-fast proof-of-concepts and short development cycles. This makes Avantama the ideal partner to speed up tomorrow's material innovations.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Avantama Ltd - Nanoparticle Dispersions.

For more information on this source, please visit Avantama Ltd - Nanoparticle Dispersions.


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