New Product Developments in Concentrated Laser Expertise in Medical Device Manufacturing

Rofin is the only globally operating laser manufacturer who covers all areas of laser material processing in the medical devices industry. Rofin's product line showcased at MedTec 2014 includes the advanced human machine interface for the popular 4-axis laser cutting system StarCut tube and the completely revised CNC laser welder Select.

StarCut Tube - Next Generation HMI

With more than hundred installations globally, ROFIN’s 4-axis laser cutting StarCut tube has set the standard for high-accuracy tube processing for medical instruments and implants for over ten years. New fields of application opened up after a newly developed tube loader and wet-cutting module were launched.

All user interface components needed during normal operation are integrated into a single screen by the new HMI. The HMI clearly shows the system status and production progress. Parameter modification and user input is restricted to certain designated fields. Until now almost all tube cutting systems have used separate user interface screens to control laser, CNC and accessories. This is no longer required with the novel StarCut Tube HMI. Figure 1 shows the StarCut tube.

Figure 1. StarCut Tube – the tube and stent cutting solution with new HMI

A smart administration concept governs the HMI, which helps create production jobs using so-called recipes. Access to job creation as well as to other functions can be restricted to certain users with the inbuilt user administration. There is no longer any need for users to deal with the OS hence it is good to block access to it.

The Select - New High-End Laser CNC

ROFIN’s Select is one of the most popular laser welding systems in medical device manufacturing. The multi-functional laser workstation is ideal for high-precision CNC welding with manual or partly automated parts loading.

The next completely revised Select generation was launched at Medtec 2014. It benefits from ROFIN’s expertise with high-end CNC systems such as StarCut Tube and MPS. An advanced servo-driven motion system and a completely reworked CNC and laser controlling software are featured in the new Select.

CNC machine codes are processed by the new controlling software in the same way they are processed on traditional CNC equipment. This holds true for automated creation of flanging radiuses as well as for using a look-ahead algorithm to determine the optimum feed rate.

At all times the laser source will be perfectly synchronized even while using advanced features such as pulse ramping or the V-track mode. NC-controlled and joystick controlled operation are continuously integrated into the user interface.

The teach-in and setup of CNC programs is made a lot easier by a new capacitive multi-touch display and the redesigned joystick box.

The New Select Fiber

The Select is available with a fiber laser, the Select Fiber. The Select Fiber has excellent process reliability with the possibility of ultra-fine weldings - even finer than the well-known MicroWeld option. The Select Fiber perfectly satisfies the precision and quality requirements of medical device manufacturing.

Figure 2. Select and Select Fiber –the manual welding laser with new high-end laser CNC and fiber laser

LASAG's Needle Drilling System

The hardness of steel materials is getting higher and there is also a need for smaller needle diameters. This has caused a significantly high demand for laser needle drilling systems, which is a key competency of ROFIN-LASAG. The tabletop workstation PWS MINI is compact and is especially suited for cost-intensive clean room production environments such as for welding pacemakers or endoscope housings.

Figure 3. NA – the needle drill system from ROFIN-LASAG

Attractive EasyMark Starter Package

EasyMark is a desktop laser marker, which is optionally available with a full-fledged computer-aided design suite. The CAD objects are processed by the CAD extension and the assigned laser parameter sets are included. This way, post-parameterizing and repetition of the marking data after layout changes are almost completely eliminated. The EasyMark has minimum maintenance requirements, high process reliability and environmental soundness. The system offers integrated air cooling and a large working chamber.

Figure 4. The compact desktop laser marking system EasyMark

CombiLine Basic – Highly Affordable Laser Marking

The CombiLine Basic solution from Rofin offers an ideal technical solution for efficient, high-quality laser marking, a standing workstation with a large working chamber, an integrated laser marker and smart operation technology. Easy access is offered by the wide motorized door and application setup is also made very easy.

VisualLaserMarker is an advanced industry-proven laser marking software, which easily helps define simple and complex marking layouts. Bar codes, matrix codes and serial numbers are supported. A 15 Inch touch screen controls the system with smart operation technology.

The CombiLine Basic accommodates air-cooled PowerLine F and PowerLine E laser markers in fundamental wavelength. Since there is no need to access the rear side, the CombiLine Basic can be positioned close to the wall.

Figure 5. CombiLine Basic – the laser marking system at a very attractive price


With more than 35 years of experience in laser technology, ROFIN has successfully focused its strategy on being an innovative leader in the industrial laser market and has consistently demonstrated its determination to deliver the most powerful and innovative manufacturing tools to a wide range of industries.

ROFIN’s global outlook, which started very early on, combined with acquisitions of other companies, contributed to ROFIN’s expansion efforts and is a key element of its corporate philosophy.

ROFIN-SINAR, ROFIN-BAASEL Lasertech, Wegmann-Baasel, Dilas Diodenlaser, Optoskand and many more essential laser companies with distinct compentencies are grouped into one concentration. The company’s numerous subsidiaries are available all over the world.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by ROFIN-SINAR Laser.

For more information on this source, please visit ROFIN-SINAR Laser.


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