The Element Refurbishment Service for Vertical Furnaces from Thermcraft

Thermcraft provides element refurbishment service for vertical furnaces (Figure 1). This article discusses the typical rebuild process performed at Thermcraft.

Thermcraft provides element refurbishment service for vertical furnaces.

Figure 1. Thermcraft provides element refurbishment service for vertical furnaces.

Typical Rebuild Process

After the receiving failed elements from customers, Thermcraft disassembles them and recovers the outer water cooled shell, machined metal bases and interior metal components, including the inner metal liner. Thermcraft then removes and discards the element coil and insulation.

Thermcraft checks whether the ceramic spacers are in good reusable condition. Similarly, all metal components are checked for wear and damage and may be reused based on their condition.

Based on the requirement, the replacement of the damaged components is carried out with additional charges. However, such instances are very rare.

Resistance wires of the same type (A-l or APM) and gauge as the OEM are used when winding the new element coil. Ceramic spacers are securely positioned. The coil is provided with new lead taps that are welded at the same position as the original. The finished coil is then covered with new ceramic fiber insulating blanket layers, followed by re-assembling of the water cooled jacket, insulating vestibules, metal bases and the shell.

The element is then heated to dry out organics and moisture, and drying takes place from the inside out. This is followed by a finishing step and final QC process. This includes verification of element resistance and dimensions and confirmation of all details provided in the drawing against the refurbished element. The final step is the packaging and shipping of the rebuilt element to the customer. Partial P/Ns cross reference list is given in Table 1.

Table 1. Partial P/Ns cross reference list.

OEM OEM PT#: Thermcraft PT#:
KOKUSAI NO. D4EX03531/Low Mass
D4EX03531/Heavy Ga.
KOKUSAI NO. D4EX02648 AD-1420FC200
KOKUSAI NO. D4EX03531 AD-1437FC200
KOKUSAI NO. 4037440 AD-1439DC1300
KOKUSAI NO. D4EX04882 A D-1444DCHT500
KOKUSAI NO. F-270W-81 VR4Z AD-1447DC1300
KOKUSAI NO. D4EX08455-4 AD-1448FC200
TEL VMU-40-003 AD-1318DCHT500
TEL VMM-40-101 AD-1339S-A
TEL VMU-40-007 AD-1354DCHT500
TEL VMU-32-001 AD-1365DCHT500
TEL VMU-28-017 AD-1395DCHT500
TEL VMM-40-102EX AD-1436S-A
TEL/KOREAN VMU-40-003 AD-1446DCHT500
TEL VOS-40-017 AD-1415S-A
SVG 165558-003 AD-1352DCHT500
SVG 602783-03 AD-1360SP-03-A
SVG 602783-02 AD-1429SP-01-A


The careful reverse engineering of each refurbished element exactly reproduces the original component. The element components employed are the same parts used by the OEM, thereby providing a rebuilt component that has the same dimensional, operating and electrical features of the original component. Refurbishing failed components with the help of Thermcraft's craftsmen and engineers is a cost-effective solution compared to replacing with completely new elements.

About Thermcraft

Thermcraft Inc. manufacturer's Custom Industrial Ovens, Laboratory Furnaces, and other furnace related supplies is a recognized leader in high temperature heating equipment. Their state-of-the-art facility and design software will allow their staff to meet your requirements for any furnace or oven configuration that you may need.

They have a worldwide network of sales representatives and engineers that can help you with any of your heating equipment requirements. Along with custom lab ovens, industrial furnaces and ceramic heaters, they offer a wide range of related products; from relatively simple items such as insulation, thermocouples, and heating elements to more complex, full-scale heat treatment equipment such as control panels with LED digital displays. Customized to fit your needs is always their goal.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Thermcraft.

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