The Benefits of Liquid Quenchant Fluidized Bed Technology

Thermcraft’s LQF system is an eco-friendly alternative solution for lead quenching and sand fluidized bed wire quenching process used for high and medium carbon steel wires.

Property Improvements

Thermcraft’s LQF system provides the following property improvements:

  • Pb-free surface
  • Fine draw ability
  • Patented tensile strength
  • Improved work hardening rate
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Increased ratio of pearlitic structure

Advantages of LQF System

The following are the advantages of the LQF System:

  • Easily adjustable system for various speeds, diameters, and types of carbon steel wire.
  • Absence of lead and sand drag-out.
  • Improves pearlitic structure in high and medium carbon steel wire, thanks to its high heat transfer rate.
  • Allows installation without the removal of an existing lead bath.
  • Easy to access, generates less heat, and maintains neat and clean environment.
  • User-friendly system as it eliminates the environmental hazards of lead dust, molten lead, and sand recuperation in fluidized beds.
  • Helps achieving quality improvements at a low cost of operation with reduced scrap, rejected material and rework.
  • Absence of hazards of toxicological and ecological exposure caused by adverse physiological outcomes.
  • Low capital investment, operating expenses and maintenance costs.
  • The fine pearlitic microstructure obtained with the LQF system is not possible with other techniques, especially when processing higher strength super-, ultra- and mega-tensile steels.

About Thermcraft

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