BAE Systems Collaborate with Ogle Models to Produce a High Spec Exhibition Model for the Company’s HybriDrive® Series Propulsion Systems

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Model Integrated with HybriDrive® Series Propulsion System
A Collaborative Approach for Optimized Model
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BAE Systems specializes in aerospace, security, defence and commercial power and avionics management systems. The company works with over 25,000 suppliers across the globe and operates in major markets.

BAE Systems in the UK recently contacted Ogle Models & Prototypes to create a high specification model for a major show in Geneva, Switzerland. The model was required to highlight BAE Systems’ HybriDrive Series propulsion solutions to bus operators and manufacturers alike.

Ogle Models & Prototypes liaised directly with BAE Systems and also worked closely with tier 3 suppliers to create a bespoke system that met and even surpassed the customer’s expectations.

Model Integrated with HybriDrive® Series Propulsion System

The aim was to create a standard model of a single-decker bus integrated with HybriDrive® Series propulsion system. This system should be large enough to make a visual impact and must attract visitors to the stand.

The bus model had to be sectioned to display the main parts of the HybriDrive propulsion system which comprised an electric drive motor, a generator placed onto a diesel engine, the main control unit and wheels, and a battery. An important aspect of this project was to ensure that the model communicated the main message ‘we make the hybrid system, not the bus.’ BAE Systems’ team that was present on site reported that the message was understood clearly.

With respect to functionality, the main control units had to be joined with flashing LED pathways that end with LED pathways to the wheels to display the system’s four main operating conditions. Each of this condition was to be controlled by separate switches which could be altered for demonstration purposes.

A Collaborative Approach for Optimized Model

Ogle Models & Prototypes collaborated closely with BAE Systems right from the initial concept stage. The team found that in terms of the design a blank canvas would prove suitable as all the required components can be integrated and customized to suit the fabrication process.

In this particular project, regular and detailed client updates were important during the initial design phase. Earlier, Ogle Models & Prototypes had contacted its trusted partners to work on the model’s design as well as electronic component elements. Skywide Design, a product design studio, completed the design work and HCD Electronics designed and developed the controls and LED lighting. As these companies had worked jointly on earlier projects, they very well understood the tight deadlines involved to deliver the model to the show quickly and cost-effectively.

According to Len Martin, Managing Director at Ogle Models and Prototypes, if clients are involved throughout the design and development process, the process runs more smoothly and both parties are happier and much more confident with the result. As such, the company endeavors to involve its clients throughout each state of the project.

With respect to production, the extensive experience of Ogle Models & Prototypes was brought to bear on the current project. The company has developed a wide range of in-house processes and technologies and is ready to apply the most suitable plan to the ongoing project.

In case of BAE Systems’ model, a range of processes was used. The main body case of the bus was directly CNC machined from a model board made of polyurethane, whilst the components of the main HybriDrive system and bespoke LED pathways were 3D printed by means of the Stereolithograpy process. The seating elements were directly CNC machined, the Perspex was also machined for the windows, and the wheels, grab rails and other additions were developed manually. Once the components were finished and painted according to the customer’s specifications, they were all assembled and placed onto a modified plinth.

HCD Electronics supplied the LED light lines, complete with controls and wiring looms which were later integrated into the model. The wiring looms were passed via the plinth and model to where the control box was placed below and the switches were connected up. The entire assembly was later supplied to the customer. The model worked flawlessly and surpassed the client’s expectations in the major show, where it attracted the attention of many visitors.


Ogle Models & Prototypes worked closely with BAE Systems throughout the project, right from the conceptual stage through to the development and delivery stage. The model was delivered on-time and on-budget, exceeding the client’s expectations. Thus, this customized partnership resulted in optimized solution for BAE Systems.

About Ogle Models and Prototypes

With a long-standing and envied reputation for making the highest quality models and prototypes for a diverse and global client base, Ogle is one of the most accomplished companies in its sector. Ogle places an unmistakable emphasis on meeting the needs of all of its clients - whether blue chip or SME - with ISO 9001 registration to back this up.

Based and manufacture wholly in the UK, Ogle Models and Prototypes is continually evolving and always provide an exemplary service with an unmatched knowledge base, the most advanced equipment and unrivalled expertise. Ogle combines talented hands on team, with some of the very latest manufacturing technologies, including 3D printing for prototyping and manufacturing together with CNC machining and vacuum casting.

With a dedicated finishing department every model, prototype and part produced by Ogle will be finished to the precise specifications of the client. Ogle has recently invested in a purpose built paint facility, ensuring any fully finished model is given the best of treatments.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Ogle Models and Prototypes.

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