Using Adhesive Tape Solutions from Tecman for Automotive Weight Reduction

The demand for enhanced performance, improved passenger comfort and safety, and lower carbon emissions is ever increasing from both consumers and governments, making weight reduction an integral aspect of vehicle design. In addition, lighter, more-efficient designs become necessary due to the development of compact and highly efficient power systems.

To address these challenges, the automotive industry is focused on the development of advanced materials and novel processes. Each component design plays a key role in weight reduction, for instance, conventional joining methods are replaced by pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape technology.

Tecman’s Capabilities

Building on its engineering know-how and continuous research into new processes and materials, Tecman creates innovative bonding and sealing solutions for a variety of automotive applications.

Application Engineers at Tecman work in close cooperation with design teams from major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in order to provide appropriate solutions for improved efficiency in a cost-effective manner, by taking into account every aspect of a project.

Chosen conversion partners for major adhesive tape providers, including Avery Dennison, tesa, and 3M, Tecman delivers cutting-edge solutions for electronics, exterior, interior and masking and protection applications through the application of advanced materials, its engineering expertise and sophisticated production capabilities in both the United States and United Kingdom.

Weight Reduction Solutions for Automotive Interiors

Automotive adhesive tape-based sealing, insulating and bonding solutions offered by Tecman are used in automotive interior applications for weight reduction, improved productivity, rapid assembly and cost saving. Better knowledge on automotive processes is critical for the clever use of PSA tapes and associated materials.

Tecman’s new low VOC PSA tapes are used as an alternative solution to various liquid adhesive solutions for bonding automotive interior linings such as fabrics and carpets. Tecman’s advanced bonding and insulating products are the results of its aerospace know-how, thus providing an entirely new range of material and process options for automotive design engineers.

A wide choice of buzz, squeak and rattle prevention (BSRP) products from PUPE foams to UHMW films is part of the PSA tape based solutions. The applications of cable management tape products include wrapping, bundling, and anti-chafe. Thermal and acoustic insulating materials are employed for improved passenger comfort, whereas gaskets and seals are always key components of vehicle design.

Materials such as 3M Dual-lock products can significantly reduce the weight for fast assembly re-closable fastenings. These self-adhesive molded fastening tapes provide high-performance lightweight solutions to mechanical clips, screws, and studs, thanks to their high mechanical holding capacity that rapidly and securely grips the components in place. In addition, their sound and vibration absorption aspect further improves the overall vehicle design.

Furthermore, Tecman in close cooperation with major mechanical fastening companies is involved in the development of PSA based fastenings for improved design options, rapid assembly, and enhanced efficiency.

High Performance Adhesive Tapes for Vehicle Exteriors

The use of adhesive tapes as a replacement to conventional mechanical fixing methods reduces weight across the vehicle exterior. Tecman’s automotive adhesive tapes are a proven solution for exterior trim attachment, and can survive all environmental conditions, including ultraviolet radiation, temperature variances, salt spray, and moisture.

The key advantages of using PSA tapes include:

  • Considerably reduce vibration traversing the vehicle skin
  • Resist constant vibration
  • Free from cracking or deterioration
  • Provide excellent sealing and bonding as well as additional water resistance on exterior seals
  • Negate contraction and expansion caused by temperature changes, thus maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle or outer skin
  • Homogeneous bonding eliminates stress spots formed by rivets or mechanical fastenings
  • Simplistic rubber seal designs use 50% of the rubber used in a traditional reinforced seal, thus achieving a weight reduction of 4Kg per vehicle.

The sound absorption aspect of adhesive tapes is scientifically proved. The proper application of adhesive tapes achieves significant noise reduction within the vehicle, thanks to the vibration absorption and acoustic insulating properties of the tapes.

PSA tapes are nowadays increasingly used in specialist vehicle and transportation systems to affix the outer skin of the vehicle to the supporting structure.

Specialist die-cut adhesive tape products used in badge and script mounting facilitate rapid assembly and are applied for mounting rear spoilers, fin aerials, and other exterior trim. Adhesive bonding tapes are also widely used for exterior mirror assembly.

New thermally conductive bonding tapes provide more design options to engineers by facilitating the design of heated exterior mirror assemblies. PSA tapes are increasingly used for attaching gaskets and seals owing to their simplified design and rapid assembling capability.


Different formats of adhesive tape products are available such as precision die-cut components in order to improve efficiency during assembly. With an extensive range of adhesive tapes, processes, and materials, Tecman delivers solutions that are cost-effective and superior in performance, assembly speed and efficiency. Tecman's tape solutions are ideal for use in automotive interior applications for weight reduction.

About Tecman Speciality Materials

Tecman Speciality Materials is a leading adhesive tape converter supporting global manufacturers across a wide range of industries including healthcare, automotive, electrical, electronic and mass transportation.

Established for over 20 years, the company is part of an international group providing global bonding solutions. Tecman specialise in developing adhesive tape based solutions to improve manufacturing efficiencies and reduce overall costs for their clients.

Their dedicated Applications engineers work closely with Design Engineers and Production Teams to create the most effective methods for bonding, fastening, cushioning, insulating and sealing. Drawing on their experience and engineering knowledge, Tecman focus on improving manufacturing efficiency and look at ways to reduce process time as well as unit cost. Tecman aim to provide their clients with solutions that maximise efficiency and minimise cost, every time.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Tecman Speciality Materials.

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