Measurement of Methyl Ethyl Ketones, Chloroform and Carbon Tetrachloride


The Series 8900 analyzer offers direct measurement of chloroform, methyl ethyl ketone and carbon tetrachloride in ambient air. This device is suitable for remediation and super fund sites and for monitoring workplace exposure limits.

The Series 8900 Analyzer for chloroform, methyl ethyl ketone, and carbon tetracloride uses a flame ionization detector (FID) as the sensing element. Moisture and heavier hydrocarbons are removed using a dual column configuration with timed backflush to vent. In series with the analytical column, a precut column is used.

A fixed volume of the sample is taken to the pre-cut column at sample injection. The timing of backflush is done in such a way that only the chloroform, methyl ethyl ketone, carbon tetrachloride and other similar components are eluted to the analytical column.

Contaminants on the pre-cut column are backflushed to vent. The chemicals and potentially interfering components are separated and eluted to the detector for analysis.

Key Features

The key features of the Series 8900 Analyzer include:

  • Direct measurement of Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Chloroform and Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Interference free response
  • Automatic calibration for unattended operation
  • Automatic baseline adjustment for long-term stability
  • Analog output ranges are user selectable
  • Multipoint sampling options
  • RS-232 and optional LAN


The specifications of the Series 8900 Analyzer presented in the table below:

Analysis Time: <360 seconds
Detector: FID
Column: Capillary
Oven Temperature: 70°C, Nominal
Carrier Gas: Hydrogen, 13cc/min, Nominal
Lower Detection Limit: <5 ppm
Accuracy: 1% of Full-scale
Precision: 2% of Measured Value
Span Drift (24HR): <2% of Full-scale
Sample Flow Rate: 250-500cc/min, typical
Analog: (1) 0-20ma or 4-20ma loop power supplied, isolated. Selectable for: gas concentration, unintegrated detector signal. Options for up to 20 additional programmable 0-20ma, 4-20ma or voltage outputs: 0-1V, 0- 5V, or 0-10V.
Digital: RS-232, optional Local Area Network
Relays: (5) User programmable relays for concentration and diagnostic alarms (1A @ 30Vdc). Options for up to 32 additional relays available.
Inputs: Optional digital input board for 3 contact closure inputs. Supports start analysis, start calibration, and analyze calibration gas sample.


The applications of the Series 8900 Analyzer include:

  • Measurement at Superfund sites during remediation
  • Monitoring workplace exposure limits


AMETEK MOCON, Inc.  is a manufacturer of toxic gas monitoring systems, air quality testing equipment, and custom gas analyzers and detectors. MOCON is known as an industry leader in the development and manufacture of gas sensors. MOCON manufactures and markets a full line of advanced gas monitoring instrumentation.

The product line also includes a variety of complimentary products such as multipoint samplers, calibration systems, sample conditioners, support gas generators, and data acquisition systems. Their services include custom application development, engineering, installation & training, technical assistance & maintenance, remote diagnostic, and in-house repair.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by MOCON, Inc. - Baseline.

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