An Introduction to the SediGraph III Plus Particle Size Analyzer

The SediGraph® III Plus utilizes the proven SediGraph method to determine particle size on a wide range of materials. This next-generation instrument combines the proven, sedimentation, x-ray absorption technique with enhanced technology to quickly deliver highly accurate, reproducible, and repeatable information on the equivalent spherical diameter of particles ranging from 300 to 0.1 µm.

Proven Technique and Reliability

For more than forty years, the Micromeritics SediGraph has been the preferred instrument for particle size analysis in many laboratories worldwide. Whether in a controlled laboratory setting or in a rugged production environment, the SediGraph offers precise results with very high reliability.

The SediGraph® III Plus uses X-ray absorption to directly measure the mass and determines particle size by direct measurement of settling velocity. The rate at which the particles fall under gravity through a liquid with known properties is described by Stokes’ law. Direct measurements require no modelling.

This next-gen SediGraph III Plus combines this proven method with enhancements to the electronics and the detection system. A high-precision x-ray tube comes with a lifetime warranty (7 years). Users can choose a combination of speed and resolution with multiple analysis speeds. Temperature-controlled analyses, real-time display, and an interactive reporting system with custom data presentation options are all standard.

SediGraph III Plus Particle Size Analyzer

SediGraph III Plus Particle Size Analyzer

Intelligent Design Features

The SediGraph III Plus provides advanced instrumentation features ensuring that measurements are repeatable and can be performed easily.

New features enable easier operation and maintenance of the instrument. Results can be consistently reproduced by SediGraphs in other locations.

Improved design includes:

  • High-precision x-ray tube with a lifetime warranty (7-years)
  • Windows operating software with Ethernet connectivity offers networking, point-and-click selection, printer selection, cut-and paste, and much more
  • Quick and easy maintenance is ensured by using a simple pumping system
  • Minimized noise level for a quiet working environment
  • A maintenance reminder, based on how many analyses are performed, alerts the user when it is time for routine maintenance
  • Computer-controlled mixing chamber temperature enhances repeatability and reproducibility
  • An interactive and versatile reporting system offers a broad range of custom data presentation options and includes grain size and particle settling velocity in Phi units

Key Benefits

The key benefits of the SediGraph II Plus include:

  • Complete particle accountability makes sure that all the introduced sample is accounted for, including fractions above 300 µm and below 0.1 µm
  • Capability to merge data with that from other particle sizing methods extends the range of reported data to 125,000 µm (125 mm), excellent for geological applications
  • Data comparison plots provide graphical displays of the mathematical difference between two data sets (difference from reference plot) or the extent of a data point value above or below a tolerance boundary (out of specification plot)
  • Multiple analyzer control allows two SediGraph III’s to be operated simultaneously from a single computer, conserving valuable lab space and making data storage convenient
  • Scanning of the sedimentation cell from bottom to top enables precise inventory of fast-settling particles while reducing the time needed to resolve the separation of fine particles
  • Multiple analysis speeds allow the selection of the desired combination of speed and resolution
  • Monitor the cumulative mass plot of the current analysis and make immediate procedural changes if needed with real-time display
  • Statistical process control (SPC) reports track process performance enabling immediate response to fluctuations
  • Sample throughput is increased and operator involvement is reduced with fully automatic operation
  • Confidence in accurate and reproducible results with temperature-controlled analyses to make sure that liquid properties stay constant throughout the analysis
  • Plot overlays offer a visual comparison of analysis results from one or more analyses; a reference or baseline analysis, for instance, or a superposition of two different types of plots of the same analysis data

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