Testing Aluminium Ribbons Interconnects for Electronics Applications

Aluminum ribbons are used as interconnects in an array of electronics applications such as high-frequency, power and solar operations, and microwave devices.

Nordson DAGE is capable of providing numerous ribbon sizes, spans and loop heights so as to offer customers adequate flexibility in test methodology.

Wedge Shear Analysis

Wedge shear analysis is generally performed on ribbon bonds where the thickness of the ribbon is more than 3mm (75µm). For ribbons larger than that, the S5kg is suitable. The instrument’s face is fixed parallel to a side of the ribbon just like in wedge bond shear analysis.

For the wedge shear analysis, the step back (shear height) precision and repeatability are crucial. Step back can be evaluated for every ribbon, thus establishing reliable load application to the bond. Another crucial aspect is load measurement accuracy. Load cartridges manufactured by Nordson DAGE along with the system design, provide superior precision and repeatability. These features are provided throughout the entire selectable range on every load cartridge.

Apart from regular shear instruments, custom instruments such as an instrument with a small overhang on the shear face to avoid ‘roll-up’ during analysis are also available. Certain extremely heavy ribbons e.g. 80mm wide and 8mm thick might need a high force and shear cartridge which has precise step back modification for low profile features.

Key Features and Benefits

The main features and benefits are listed below:

  • Choice of test techniques are based on ribbon dimensions
  • Wedge shear analysis to high forces
  • True 90° peel testing
  • Pull testing using tweezers
  • Broad range of load tools for every type of ribbon size

Hooks and Tweezers

There are two types of instruments for performing ribbon pull testing: hooks and tweezers (Figure 1). Tweezers are commonly used for broader ribbons where hooks would not allow uniform application of the load. Tweezers can be matched with Nordson DAGE T1kg and T5kg load cartridges.

Hooks are mostly limited to the smaller ribbons (less than 20mm wide and 4mm in thickness). They are used with the P1kg and P10kg load cartridges. There are two types of wire hooks - stainless steel and tungsten. The tungsten wire hooks are limited to a diameter of 10mm while the stainless steel wire hooks are used for a thicker diameter.

Ribbon pull test.

Figure 1. Ribbon pull test.

Wire hooks are typically suitable for higher loop heights, and hence in the case of lower loop heights, a machined hook can be manufactured. The hook’s upper profile corresponds approximately to the loop profile, thus spreading the load and enabling more consistent testing. When ribbon width and thickness increases, hooks become a little weak, therefore tweezers are used with the T1kg and T5kg. The load is spread across the jaws of the tweezers. The shape of each jaw matches the solid hook so as to match the loop profile. Tweezers can be applied on ribbon up to 8mm thick. A practical feature in the software facilitates the outcome to be expressed in force per unit area. All the heavy ribbons are provided with a T10kg.

With the aid of the software control and basic tweezers (T1kg or T5kg), a true 90° peel test can be executed (Figure 2). The XY stage can move along the Z drive ensuring that the ribbon is pulled at right angles during the test.

Ribbon peel test.

Figure 2. Ribbon peel test.


With the Nordson DAGE bondtester, ribbon testing is simple to set up. New test groups can be established with the chosen load cartridge; tweezers pull, shear, or hook pull. These test groups can be stored and applied in the following test sessions. Basic load tools, tweezers, hooks, or shear, are offered for the regular ribbon sizes: from 4mm to 8mm thick and 20mm to 80mm wide. Nordson DAGE provides complete technical support worldwide

About Nordson DAGE

Dage was founded in 1961 and is a market leader in its chosen markets of Semiconductor and PCBA Manufacture. It has an award winning portfolio of Bondtester and X-ray Inspection Systems for destructive and non-destructive mechanical testing and inspection of electronic components.

Dage was acquired by the Nordson Corporation in 2006.

Nordson DAGE has a strong portfolio of award winning products for destructive and non-destructive mechanical testing and inspection of electronic components. It has an excellent, wholly owned distribution and support network of seven offices covering Europe, Japan, China, Singapore, and the USA, and maintains representative offices in other territories.

With its self-contained R&D facilities, Nordson DAGE has developed world-leading products for testing wire bonds on semiconductor packages such as BGA, Chip Scale Packages (CSP) and other electronic components. More recently Nordson DAGE has been heavily involved in the testing of the newest technology 300 mm wafer bump shear.

Nordson DAGE has developed an excellent suite of award-winning X-ray inspection equipment targeted at both the Semiconductor and PCBA markets.

Control of the patented core technology of X-ray tube manufacture ensures that the high-resolution X- ray will detect, identify and measure even the smallest of features. Nordson DAGE's high precision, state-of-the-art inspection equipment when joined with their sophisticated software offerings, ensure that the equipment is simple to use.

Our core strategy:

  • To support our customers wherever they do business,
  • To continually develop new products that provide its customers with enhanced competitive advantages,
  • To develop products which bring new advantages to its customer base
  • To control the core technologies that underpin its products.

Nordson DAGE

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Nordson DAGE.

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