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Inspiring and Innovating on the Road

In this interview Angela Ray, director of field marketing in the Americas for PerkinElmer, talks to AZoM about the goals, achievements and events at PerkinElmer's ongoing INTour.

Can you please provide a brief overview of what the 3rd Annual INTour and what it will offer?

PerkinElmer’s INspiring INnovation Tour began three years ago as a way to engage scientists locally in a fun, educational way. The INTour concept was to provide a way for scientists to present and highlight their work and network with their peers.

Most events have an option of two tracks, one that focuses on technical innovations and the other track is application-focused and includes presentations by academic researchers, application scientists and PerkinElmer experts that are relevant to food, environmental, industrial and pharmaceutical laboratories. To-date, we have hosted over 3000 people in North America, Europe and Australia!

How will your “Instruments of Change” feature in the event?

In addition to offering the educational tracks, we have a showcase of PerkinElmer instruments in our INnovation Hub.  There attendees can learn about our unique detection capabilities and understand how they enable better protection of our environment, food supply and ultimately the health of our families.

What is the tour designed to achieve?

The INTour’s main goal is to bring together scientists at a local level and facilitate the sharing of new applications and techniques. In addition, PerkinElmer is able to demonstrate how our broad range of solutions and services can enable high performance and greater efficiencies in lab operations.

What industries will be covered during the tour?

Events vary from region to region, as there may be concentrations of specific types of businesses, so we try to tailor accordingly.  Most frequently, attendees can expect to learn about food, environmental, industrial and pharmaceutical applications, yet we have offered sessions about nanoparticle characterization, forensics and more.  

What are some of the new technologies that will be on display?

PerkinElmer’s technologies include solutions for various analytical techniques, including chromatography, mass spectrometry atomic spectroscopy, molecular Spectroscopy and thermal analysis.   You’ll have the opportunity to see these recently launched solutions in our INnovation Hub at the seminars:

  • NEW Altus™ HPLC and Altus UPLC®-- reach a new level of performance and confidence for both routine and complex analyses, driven by Waters® Empower® 3 software
  • NEW LAMBDA™ 265/365/465 UV/Vis Systems – a versatile, affordable family of benchtop instruments that can expand as your lab’s ’business changes and grows
  • NEW PinAAcle™ 500 Flame AA Spectrometer – superior durability, designed to withstand the harshest environments and most corrosive samples
  • New Spotlight™ FT-IR Microscope System – to characterize samples when you need higher sensitivity and rapid results

How will the INTour help support local communities?

To support our “INstruments of Change” theme, PerkinElmer donates its INTour registration proceeds to local non-profit groups, many of which are STEM related (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The charities are chosen by the local teams and we usually have representatives from the organizations at the events. We have donated over $25,000 to charities in the past three years.

With the tour currently under way, what has the feedback been from those who have attended so far?

The feedback on the INTours has been fabulous!  Attendees find our sessions highly informative and they are delighted to have the opportunity to interact with their industry peers as well as PerkinElmer knowledge experts.

Where can people get involved?

Click here to see the complete list of forthcoming events: Ray

About Angela Ray

Angela Ray is the Director of Field Marketing in the Americas for PerkinElmer.

She developed the Inspiring Innovation theme in 2012 and, with her team, has hosted over 40 INTour events.

She has been with PerkinElmer for 23 years in various marketing roles.

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