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Innovative Laboratory Gas Solutions with Proton OnSite

Dave Russ from Proton OnSite talks to AZoM about their range of products including Ultra high purity Hydrogen and  about the launch of their latest service Proton Care.

What type of laboratory equipment does Proton offer?

Proton OnSite offers a full suite of gas generators for any laboratory need.  Our products include Ultra High Purity Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Zero air gases.

Hydrogen – we offer units from 200 cc/min that can handle up to 4 FID’s to lab servers that can handle hundreds of FID’s.  Our units also are high purity allowing our customers to use them for Carrier Gas Applications.  Our units are time tested, and extremely reliable, with many locations around the globe.

Zero Air – we also offer a variety of UHP Zero air generators that can provide .05 ppm THC zero air from flows of 2 slpm on up.  While a newer product, our zero air generators are extremely reliable and a robust addition to any laboratory.

Nitrogen – Within our nitrogen platform we offer a multitude of systems.  Including wall mount nitrogen generators that can provide up to 99.5% pure nitrogen with flows over 400 slpm, while saving precious space in the laboratory. We complement these generators with a full suite of point of use Nitrogen generators with built in compressors that can satisfy the requirements for any LCMS on the market. We offer both small and large PSA systems for critical ultra-high purity Nitrogen needs up to 99.999% purity.

DualGas and TriGas- We also have a DualGas generator that produces nitrogen and dry air from a single unit via nitrogen separation membrane technology and a similar TriGas unit that relies on the same technology to generate nitrogen, dry air and zero air gas from a single source to enhance LCMS processes.

What makes Proton OnSite a good choice for customers?

Proton OnSite just celebrated its 20th year of business this past August.  20 years of experience in crafting the finest products on the market.

Originally started with a focus on the Hydrogen cell, we’ve expanded to reach and meet the needs of other requirements.

The experience, knowledge, and attention to detail Proton OnSite offers is unmatched. This has allowed Proton OnSite’s equipment to serve the International Space Station, and the deepest depths of the ocean aboard a Nuclear Submarine.

The engineering of our products has allowed us to be a trusted provider to many governments around the world, as well as the smallest business in our own neighborhood.

How does Proton OnSite service their customers?

Proton OnSite has the ability to care for customers both far and near.  We have a team of engineers and service technicians that have been with Proton OnSite for many years.

This experience allows us to troubleshoot and maintain our customers’ generators both in the field and in the office.

Within the last year we’ve rolled out Proton Care. With Proton Care we have the ability to not only service your generators, but allow you the opportunity to bundle service packages with warranty extensions.

This will allow our customers to not only protect their assets, but plan ahead to protect their budgets from unexpected costs.

How many years has Proton OnSite been in the lab market? 

Proton OnSite has always provided gas generators for the lab market, when customers have approached us.

Only recently have we expanded and invested greatly in the development of the laboratory division from the top down.

We have brought in a great deal of experience and knowledge to not only grow the division, but also educate our team and our customers.

With this increased knowledge, there is a great opportunity to expand our product offerings to many customers that are unaware that they can place 1 very reliable generator in the lab, to take over for many smaller systems.

With all of your years of experience, what are the reasons that customers move away from Cylinders to on-site gas generators?

The reason varies from customer to customer.  For some the main pull is cost savings, ease of use, or for others it’s safety.  That is the great thing when it comes to generators.

Many times there is not only a payback between 6 months to 3 years, but there also is a safety aspect.  Instead of a steel pressure vessel full of Hydrogen or Nitrogen, you have a single generator that produces gas on demand.

The amount of gas present at any one time is typically a few liters, which poses no safety risks to the customers.

Personally, I always speak to the purity aspect.  Generators produce very pure gas with the largest contaminant being Oxygen or Moisture.  From day 1 to day 1000+ they are getting the same gas, so their results will never change.

When it comes to cylinders, each time you replace a tank, you’re opening your gas line to potential contaminants, as well as each tank can be slightly different than the next.

For that reason alone, it’s a smart investment to move towards gas generators.

Why should a customer reach out to an experienced sales engineer when sizing generators?

Proton OnSite has had great success in staffing extremely talented sales engineers that have been in the industry for a number of years.

This experience ensures that when we size a generator it is done correctly, and with the plan in mind that there typically will be future growth.

It’s also important to have someone understand the various dynamics that come into play when it comes to on-site gas generators.

The incorrect people can waste valuable time by sizing a hydrogen generator incorrectly to supply enough hydrogen for carrier gas flows.Dave Russ

It really is the small attention to detail which makes an installation go smoothly and successfully.

About Dave Russ

Dave Russ has 10+ years of sales experience providing gas generator support to laboratory and industrial customers across the globe.

He is strategically involved in Proton OnSite’s laboratory product development while acting as a Regional Sales Manager in the Midwest US.

Dave has an extensive background in providing on-site gas generation solutions for a diverse range of applications.



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