Spring Solutions: Retracting Cables and Cords

Spring motors and prestressed power springs can be used to perform various mechanical functions such as the retrieving and returning of cables.

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The spring motors and prestressed power springs provided by Hunter Spring are easily integrated into new products to enhance user experience. Some of the benefits gained from using the spring products are the prevention of loose cables presenting tripping hazards and removing the need to wrap cable manually.

Spring Motors for Retrieving and Returning

NEG'ATOR motor springs have a great potential length that can yield a high number of revolutions, providing a perfect mechanism for retrieving and returning applications. The motor springs can be directly connected to a reel to retract cords, cables, and hoses.

Springs for Retracting and Retrieving Cable Reels

The SPIR’ATOR spring enables long deflections, which can be utilized in reels, such as a 100-foot cable reel, to reduce the overall package weight and size.

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Spring Motor Assemblies (NEG'ATOR)

NEG'ATOR spring motor assemblies contain single or double NEG'ATOR constant force springs that are mounted on one or two storage drums and an output drum with an integral cable reel. The entire assembly is mounted on a metal base plate.

Using the mounting holes provided, these complete assemblies can be readily installed in a product and deliver a nearly constant linear force through extension and retraction of the cable.

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Hunter Spring’s spring motor assemblies are designed with type 301 High Yield Stainless Steel. For custom applications, other materials such as Inconel, Elgiloy or high-carbon steel can be used upon request.

Spring motor assemblies are designed for counterbalance applications, such as aircraft baggage doors, and can be readily mounted into assemblies or equipment. They provide a nearly constant force to make the door feel weightless throughout its entire travel range.

Hunter Spring supplies standard spring motor solutions as well as custom designed solutions. Customers can use the company’s design worksheet to specify their needs. This will enable Application Engineers to design a spring motor assembly that meets their specific requirements.

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Prestressed Power Springs (SPIR'ATOR)

Hunter Spring produces SPIR'ATOR prestressed power springs by reverse winding a NEG'ATOR spring on an arbor and then encasing it in a retaining ring or case. One can obtain rotational energy from the case or arbor or, if linear motion is needed, through the use of a pulley and cable attachment.

With deflection and torque equal, a SPIR'ATOR spring will typically need 20% less space compared to a traditional power spring, while yielding a flatter torque gradient. Power springs can be used in applications where winding, counterbalancing, and retrieving are required.


Hunter Spring’s prestressed power springs are made from 301 High Yield Stainless Steel. For custom applications, other materials such as Inconel, Elgiloy, or high-carbon steel can be used upon request.

Prestressed power springs are compact and lightweight, and are capable of providing more than twice the turns of conventional power springs. Higher prestressing generally enables the use of thinner material and thus, a smaller package size than traditional power springs.

Customers are invited to consult with Hunter Spring to receive an efficient, versatile and customized solution. It is also possible to use the design worksheet from the company’s website to specify application needs and allow Hunter Spring’s Application Engineers to provide a design that meets the specified needs.

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Custom Springs

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For customers who have a new product, an application for a flat spring, or simply just need some advice about springs, Hunter Spring design engineers offer quick, accurate, and useful assistance.

Over the last 100 years, Hunter Spring has collected an array of spring making dies and tools. When customers request custom springs, the company can often modify a standard spring to fit the specifications, saving customers both time and money.


This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hunter Spring.

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