Studying Phase Transitions - XRD Measurements at Non-Ambient Conditions using a Capillary Furnace

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STOE Furnaces


STOE offers instruments that are suitable for powder diffractometer systems to carry out observation and evaluation of phase transitions under non-ambient conditions.

STOE Furnaces

DECTRIS manufactured an ultrafast system called MYTHEN 1K Stripdetector (Figure 1) that can perform rapid measurements.

STOE capillary furnaces offer high-quality data for powder analyses at high temperatures. The STOE furnaces can be mounted on all STADI P or MP diffractometers (both fixed stage and moving circles).

Figure 1. The ultrafast MYTHEN 1K Stripdetector manufactured by DECTRIS can perform very rapid measurements.

The WinXPOW software from STOE enables performing data collection and validation, thus providing complete control over operation and visualization of data.


The phase transitions of ammonia nitrate NH4NO3 x H2O has been evaluated in this experiment. The measurement has been performed with an exposure time of 10 seconds per step and 0.75 °C per step. Only 30 minutes was taken to complete data acquisition, covering a data range of 25° 2è and a temperature range of 120 °C (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Experimental Results

The MYTHEN 1K detector has been placed remotely and at an inherent resolution of 0.02° 2è. This experiment has enabled observing different, well-recognized phase transitions of NH4NO3 x H2O.

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