Cut-Outs, Protrusions and Support Brackets for Insulation Jackets

Manufacturing removable insulation blankets for engine and exhaust components and process piping can occasionally be a challenge. While straight piping and basic geometries are direct, many components have either intricate geometrical shapes, or a number of supports and protrusions which need to be taken into consideration when designing custom fitting removable insulation blankets.

removable insulation blankets

Removable Custom-Designed Insulation Blankets

Removable insulation blankets are custom-designed for a precise fit; as such, we need to take into account the size, shape, and location of such items as support brackets, thermocouples, glycol lines, and other similar items.

Jon Miles, Head of The Design Team, Firwin

removable insulation blankets

When we design an insulation blanket, we automatically build in cut-outs and openings to allow for brackets, clamps, and the like. That is company policy, and unless the geometry is extremely complex, there is no extra charge for this service.

Brett Herman, V.P. of Sales and Customer Services, Firwin

There are essentially two methods for Firwin’s Design Engineers to get the information required to factor in these items. Customers can either fill out a Firwin drawing such as the Muffler Support Bracket Drawing, where they specify the width and location of any support brackets. Otherwise, they can supply Firwin with dimensions and photos illustrating the components for which cut-outs and openings will be required.

removable insulation blankets

It is always nice to have photos, even when a customer has filled in a drawing, as our designers will occasionally notice things from a photo that might have been missed on a drawing.

Brett Herman, V.P. of Sales and Customer Services, Firwin

Firwin’s design team guarantees that any openings or cut-outs are engineered in such a way as to allow adequate room for the protruding item, while decreasing any heat loss because of the lack of insulation.

removable insulation blankets

What if the customer is not aware of where the blankets cut-outs will be, or does not have access to that information?

“On occasion a customer is not able to provide us with the location of support brackets and/or protrusions. In these situations, we will produce the blankets without any cut-outs, and the customer will need to cut the blanket once the blankets arrive. Ideally, any cuts in the blanket should be closed up using staples to protect the exposed insulation and minimize any deterioration at those cut points. Alternatively, in the case of support brackets, a customer can detach the component, e.g. the silencer, install the blankets, and re-attach the component, placing the support brackets over top of the insulation”, said Brett.

“We prefer of course, to build in the cut-outs ourselves, as this ensures that they are done professionally and sized correctly. Plus, having the necessary cut-outs already built into the blankets can help with blanket installation, as the openings and cut-outs can help in orienting the blankets properly.” Brett added.

“It is important to note that placing insulation blankets between a support bracket and silencer means that the blanket cannot be removed and the blanket will get damaged at the point of compression by the support, , so that if the blanket is ever removed it would need to be replaced prior to re-installing”, adds Brett.

removable insulation blankets


“In summary, Firwin is a complete service company. We incorporate brackets, clamps, and other protrusions into our blanket design, designing to a precise fit. In addition, we are happy to walk the end- user through the installation process if he finds it to be a challenge.” said Brett.

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