Plastic Blast Media for Automotives

Using custom-made PLASTI-GRIT®, the video below demonstrates blasting with Plastic Media for efficient and quick removal of Bondo and paint from a 1961 Mercedes-Benz 190SL. Plastic abrasive media provides excellent paint stripping without damaging the metal substrate. The 190SL will be prepared for restoration and brand new paint once the old layers of Bondo and paint have been removed. American Dry Stripping in Milford, Connecticut expertly removes paint from collector cars, such as this 1961 Mercedes.

Plastic abrasives provides excellent paint stripping advantages on airplanes, helicopters, landing gear, cars, trucks and trains. On softer substrates, such as composites, fiberglass and aluminum, plastic grits with the correct type, size and pressure provide better results. Customers can contact Composition Materials Co., Inc. to get additional information on all types of Plastic Media (Polyester, Melamine, Clear-Cut®, Urea and Acrylic).

Blasting 1960 Corvette

Plastic media blasting effectively removes paint from a 1960 fiberglass Corvette without causing damage to the delicate Corvette surface. Composition Materials Co., Inc. has been producing PLASTI-GRIT® for more than 30 years in five grades of hardness: Polyester, Urea, Melamine, Clear-Cut® and Acrylic. Plastic abrasives are employed worldwide as a leading method of removing coatings and paint from cars, boats, trains, planes, helicopters landing gear and more!

Blasting expertise is required for removing paint from a vintage Corvette. In this video, paint layers are removed while maintaining the fiberglass substrate. Blast media, nozzle distance and p.s.i. are vital blast parameters for attaining best results.

1954 Corvette Plastic Media

PLASTI-GRIT® is used to remove paint from a 1954 Corvette. Paint removal from the fiberglass body of the Corvette requires careful handling of the Corvette’s delicate surface. Media type, media size, air pressure and distance are all vital variables in attaining best results. The following video shows expert blasting by American Dry Stripping using PLASTI-GRIT®.

One of the best characteristics of plastic media blasting is its capability to perform an excellent job by removing paint from soft substrates, such as aluminum, composites or fiberglass. Through careful calibrations of blast parameters, all of the paint will be removed from the Corvette, making it all set for restoration and new paint. Plastic abrasives provide excellent paint stripping results, as shown in the video.

PLASTI-GRIT® is manufactured from 100% recycled materials by Composition Materials. Plastic Media Blasting is an established method for removing coatings from cars, trucks, trains, boats, airplanes and helicopters.

Collector Car Restoration: Paint Removal

When it comes to refinishing surfaces, car collectors and enthusiasts are some of the most demanding customers. Therefore, when restoring a classic, nothing short of a perfect finish is acceptable.

Collector Car Restoration: Paint Removal

For more than 30 years, Plastic Blast Media has been manufactured and supplied by Composition Materials Co., Inc. This paint stripping technology constantly achieves excellent results on all types of cars, including classics, like this Corvette.

Collector Car Restoration: Paint Removal

Expert blast operators effectively remove paint by choosing the most efficient blast distance, media type, media size and psi for all unique paint applications and surface requirements. This paint removal method is efficient, environmentally friendly and proven. The car is ready to be repainted once all of the paint is removed.

Automotive Restoration with Plastic Media Blasting

While restoring or repainting cars, customers need to consider the type of substrates such as fiberglass, composites, plastics, aluminum, as well as the types of coatings and paints. Paint manufacturers suggest applying new paint to surfaces that are properly prepared.

Automotive Restoration

Plastic Media Blasting is a quick, safe and economic method to remove coatings without damaging the underlying substrates including aluminum, fiberglass and even plastics, therefore it is recommended for automobile paint stripping. It removes paint coatings without warping, marring, etching, or otherwise causing damage to the surface integrity. Plastic Blasting Media is very economical and can be re-used multiple times.

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