Plastic Blast Media for Aircraft

British Aerospace Hawk Jet airplane is carefully masked, and then its paint is blasted using plastic media in preparation for re-painting.

Plastic Blast Media competently strips paint from an extensive variety of substrates including steel, fiberglass, rubber, aluminum and composites. With carefully determined air pressure, media size and type, plastic abrasives offer cost and time advantages over other paint removal methods.

Composition Materials manufactures Plastic Abrasives for use in maintenance, restoration and blasting operations all over the world.

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Plastic Media WWII Airplane

Paint removal from rare Vampire Jet. The Vampire is made of wood, aluminum and canvas, making paint stripping an extremely delicate operation, and one perfectly suited for plastic media blasting.

Aviation Paint Removal and Aircraft Maintenance

Composition Materials Plasti-Grit® Plastic Blast Media is a preferred media for carefully removing paint from military and commercial jets and airplanes, and in aircraft maintenance operations throughout the world. Plastic Media Type V Acrylic is used on composite and aluminum aircraft skins, and also for blasting delicate parts. Plastic Media Type II Urea is used on tougher aluminum aircraft parts and landing gear. Type VI Clear-Cut is effective on composites and aluminum.

For more than 30 years, Composition Materials has manufactured Acrylic, Urea and Clear- Cut Plastic Blast Media capable of meeting the Military specification requirements for MIL-P-85891A, approved for use by the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force. A number of private and commercial jet companies request Mil-Spec grade Plasti-Grit Plastic Blast Media for aircraft maintenance and aviation paint stripping operations.

Composition Materials

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