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Mobile Surveillance Solutions


The year 2012 marked a key milestone for Ukraine and Poland - the jointly organized UEFA European Football Championship 2012. While such events create wide public attraction, there are some background activities which play a key role in a seamless progress: security and logistics are two critical tasks to be dealt with by the relevant local authorities.

Both Eastern European countries made an investment of over €38 million into the infrastructure and transportation logistics needed for such a huge event. Part of this investment was also used for security and surveillance projects. The massive security activities related to such an extended event cannot be avoided these days because of permanent impending threats of terroristic activities. In Poland, one such security project used numerous mobile surveillance solutions to ensure the safety of the Polish railways. They had been realized by installing advanced video surveillance and recording equipment on 4x4 driven Mercedes Sprinter vans. Extended modifications were required for the operators’ compartment in order to carry out the extended missions from these vans. Although technology integration was the key driving factor, aspects of ergonomics and comfort had to be taken into account as well.

Mobile Surveillance Solutions

A mid-range CCTV system connected to a VarioCAM® thermal camera was mounted on top of an extendable mast. Both systems are placed on individually controllable pan-tilt heads and can be easily controlled from inside the van’s generously spaced desk section or a remote place. Several factors were taken into account before selecting the VarioCAM®. Equipped with brilliant uncooled microbolometers with (640 x 480) IR -pixels based on amorphous silicon technology, its telephoto lenses can provide several kilometres of human detection range. InfraTec’s industrial project expertise chose the VarioCAM® as this camera system is used worldwide in various monitoring tasks where cameras need to function for many months or even years without any interruptions.

Vehicle with CCTV system

Vehicle with CCTV system

CCTV system with thermal camera

CCTV system with thermal camera VarioCAM®

Thermal cameras making use of the long-wave infrared spectrum (wavelength (7.5 … 14) µm) are highly efficient in detecting vehicle and human activities even in complete darkness or through fog with no active illumination support. This combination of passive technology and range performance greatly supports the tactics of covert observations and command-/control-scenarios for intervention teams guided from these vans as well. In addition, the radiometrically calibrated systems provide automatic, thermally tunable alarm signals for autonomous operation. While the all-terrain vehicles have quite a conspicuous appearance, they can be parked in tactically good places due to their degree of mobility to monitor all forms of infrastructure related to the Polish railways.

Thermal camera VarioCAM

Thermal camera VarioCAM® from InfraTec

The use of InfraTec’s IRBIS® 3 software package allows conducting, monitoring and storing continuous long-term observations. The software was originally designed as autonomous software, but now has become an integral part of the whole monitoring system, thereby providing a highly user-friendly operation interface.

After the completion of the European Football Championship 2012, the surveillance vans continue their service as a valid part of the Polish Railways security infrastructure. They are employed for preventing theft of railway infrastructure, support of regional law enforcement units, round-the-clock monitoring of strategic rail facilities and ensuring safety of travelers.


Personal monitoring using thermography

Monitoring a railway station area

Monitoring a railway station area

InfraTec has carried out this project in collaboration with AGTES S.A., its Polish distribution partner from Warsaw.


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