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The Benefits of Switching to Nitrogen Generators in Laboratories

Nitrogen can play an important role in many applications within the laboratory. In this interview, Dave Russ from Proton OnSite talks to AZoM about their range of nitrogen generators and the benefits they can bring when laboratories switch to on-site generation.

What is nitrogen gas used for in the lab?

Nitrogen is used for a variety of applications within the laboratory. It can range from small ultra-high purity flows for Gas Chromatograph, up to larger lower purity needs for Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer(LCMS) and Fume hoods.

Proton OnSite carries a wide range of gas generators to fit most laboratory needs.

How do I know that my lab is a good candidate for switching to nitrogen generation?

In my opinion, every lab has an opportunity to place a generator. Most laboratories are under high demand and increasing levels of stress. Gas generators, no matter what size of the lab provides a constant supply of gas while eliminating delays in delivery.

Some of the factors that cause customers to reach out are obviously savings, but many times convenience and safety play large rolls in the decision. In today’s safety-conscious environment, moving around liquid tanks and cylinders take time and resources away from the laboratory focus.

Another aspect of concern with many lab users is space. Large liquid dewars and cylinders can take up a great deal of real estate. In many instances, a Proton Nitrogen generator can fit under your bench to run your single LCMS. If your lab has many LCMS systems the lab server will mount on the wall and provide all the nitrogen that is needed for most laboratories.  

nitrogen in the lab

What are the benefits of switching to nitrogen generated on-site?

There are many benefits, however I always try to find out how the generator might benefit the customer, whether it is safety, convenience, or financial. Switching to a gas generator helps our customers in all these facets.

Laboratories are now under high demand and are forced to deal with confined lab spaces.  Proton Nitrogen generators can fit easily under your benchtop or mounted on the wall, and supply all the nitrogen needed for your LCMS, fume hood, or evaporator.  By mounting a generator on the wall, you can expand your floor space that once was taken up by liquid or gaseous nitrogen cylinders, and instead replace it with additional laboratory equipment.

How should customers choose the correct generator for their lab?

There are many gas generators that are out in the market. I feel it’s very important to not only look at the company, but trust in your gas generator representative.

Having a knowledgeable gas generator representative that both understands your instrumentation needs, but also a deep understanding of a generator setup will make all the difference in a successful installation. It’s important to understand all aspects of your generator design, and have those explained to you!

What Maintenance can I expect on a nitrogen generator?

Your nitrogen generator will require yearly filter replacements, as dust and debris from the air around us, or a customer’s air lines can begin to clog up filters.  For generators with built-in compressors, additional maintenance will be required on the air compressors on a yearly basis. We strongly recommend keeping up with the maintenance, to ensure you get the most out of your Nitrogen generator.

How do Proton’s Nitrogen Generators compare in cost of ownership to competitor’s products?

Proton has worked hard to make sure that our products are both reliable and at a price point that would meet the needs of all laboratories. We are extremely competitive across our whole line of gas generators.

Where should I locate a generator in my lab?

When it comes to locating a gas generator, it’s very important to include your Generator Sales Rep. When placing a generator space and location are extremely important. With Proton’s wall mounted generators, you’re able to provide the gas you need, without taking up valuable benchtop real estate.

We also think it’s important to look at ergonomics as well as functionality. We want to make sure your gas generator is close enough to your instrumentation, to limit the amount of plumbing required. This is the reason we have created our Stackable product offering. By going vertical you can have your Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Zero air gas generators in one convenient space saving location!

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Can I use my house air to power a wall mounted unit?

Absolutely, but one of the most important aspects is to check your air to make sure it’s free of oil, water, and particulate, adequate in pressure (110 psig or more), and finally to make sure the compressor is large enough to handle the nitrogen generator air demands.

It is important that labs are comfortable spaces for employees, how quiet are proton nitrogen generators?

The Proton N341M, D251M, and T421M are all designed with our customer in mind.  The units have been measured at 54 decibels at 1 meter, which is close to that of normal conversation between two people.

proton nitrogen generator

How many lcms analyzers can be served?

When you begin talking about multiple LCMS systems in a lab, it is a smart idea to look at our larger N120M, N250M, and N400M wall mountable nitrogen lab servers. While every instrument will have a slightly different need and requirement, some brands do require very high gas flows and should be paired with a wall mountable lab server.

Applications where high purity Nitrogen is required, is there a Proton Generator that can meet my needs?

Absolutely, we have the N600P and N6P which can provide UHP Nitrogen for a wide range of laboratory needs.

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Are there generators for LCMS systems that required nitrogen, dry air and zero air?

Proton has engineered the T421M for this purpose. This system has a built-in compressor, and provides LCMS grade Nitrogen, Dry Air, and Zero air for our Sciex customers! For our customers that just require Nitrogen and Dry air we’ve created the D251M that also has a built-in compressor, with its sophisticated approach we can provide Nitrogen and Dry air based upon our Shimadzu customers methods and needs.

Why should customers choose to purchase a Proton Products?  

Proton started out 20 years ago as a Hydrogen generator manufacturer providing large hydrogen generators for a variety of industry around the world. Through the years we have developed as a cutting-edge manufacturer of gas generators supplying powerplants, semiconductors, supplying hydrogen to the nations fleet of hydrogen powered cars, and supplying point of use and lab server gas generators to laboratories.

The Proton brand is installed in over 75 countries, and even aboard the nuclear submarines of the world’s most powerful navies! With our expertise why would you choose anyone other than Proton Onsite?

Where can our readers go to find out more?

To find out more about Proton OnSite’s nitrogen and multi-gas generators please visit

About Dave Russ

Dave Russ has 10+ years of sales experience providing gas generator support to laboratory and industrial customers across the globe.

Dave Russ

He is strategically involved in Proton OnSite’s laboratory product development while acting as a Regional Sales Manager in the Midwest US.

Dave has an extensive background in providing on-site gas generation solutions for a diverse range of applications.



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