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Advanced Materials Development of Nitinol

One of Fort Wayne Metals’ core operating principles is centered on researching and developing new and improved processes, new material solutions and new product offerings. As a result, it made sense in 2012 when Fort Wayne Metals undertook a significant investment with a state-of-the-art Nitinol melting facility, the first of its kind for the company. The 115,000-square-foot facility, known as Advanced Materials Development (AMD), was designed to melt critical materials for medical devices and many other non-medical applications.

As you might expect, the decision to expand its capabilities with a melt facility that integrates production and supply, from start to finish, has proven positive for Fort Wayne Metals. AZoM recently talked with Scott Shoppell, Fort Wayne Metals Sales and Marketing Manager at AMD, about the facility, its capabilities and its future.

Why did Fort Wayne Metals pursue melting Nitinol?

Melting our own Nitinol provides us with more control over supply and inventory positions, allowing us to reduce our lead-times and improve the speed in which we respond to customers’ requests.

In addition to this, since we have more control over the supply stream and our level of understanding of the materials, melting our own Nitinol has only strengthened the quality and performance of the material. Melting our own Nitinol has also allowed us to learn how to meet and improve upon existing melt and processing technologies, which ultimately transfers more value to our customers.

What are the facility’s capabilities related to melting?

AMD is a boutique melt shop focused on non-commoditized materials that are required for many critical medical and non-medical applications. Our ability to melt legacy materials to industry standards and specifications, along with custom alloy development, provides our customers with a range of solutions to meet their needs.

Our current melt focus centers around binary and ternary Nitinol grades that fall within superelastic and shape memory temperature bands; however, the list of material extends beyond Nitinol. A variety of specialty titanium grades and alloys, along with other performance based alloys, are being melted for a wide range of applications.

What are the product sizes?

We can produce and provide multiple product forms from melt, which include ingots (up to 16”), billets, bar and wire products. Alternate product forms would be considered.

What makes Fort Wayne Metals different?

We can provide a more integrated solution that yields a tremendous amount of control over the process, especially when it comes to the quality and performance of the products and materials we offer to our customers.

This level of quality and performance is sustained over a wide breadth of materials. Combine this with our willingness to listen to our customers’ needs and wants, and it makes for an exciting value proposition for existing and potential customers.

What’s next at AMD?

The launch of AMD was a strategic investment into our future, providing Fort Wayne Metals with a platform to launch many new technologies, processes and materials.

Our customers should expect to see a variety of new capabilities and offerings in 2018 and beyond based on the continued investment at our melt facility.

Team members surround a Nitinol ingot produced at Advanced Materials Development

Team members surround a Nitinol ingot produced at Advanced Materials Development

About Scott Shoppell

Scott Shoppell

Scott Shoppell is the Sales and Marketing Manager of the Advanced Materials Development Division of Fort Wayne Metals, a locally-owned technology-based provider of material and process solutions to a wide range of applications and markets. The company offers a wide variety of product forms, including ingots melted in-house, precision ground bars, coil products, wire and custom-assembly solutions.

Scott joined Fort Wayne Metals in 1993. He has served in various roles over the last 24 years, including Wiredrawer, Customer Service Associate, Product Manager and Marketing Manager before taking the role of Sales and Marketing Manager at the Advanced Materials Development Division in Columbia City, IN.

Scott graduated from Purdue University in Fort Wayne in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision, followed by a Master of Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2009.

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