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The director of MV Meccanica Verghera, Mark Kay is passionate about the refurbishment of original MV Agusta racing motorcycles. His company has chosen Colsibro®, a trademark alloy of Columbia Metals, to replace the motorcycles’ original cast iron valve guides.

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Colsibro® Alloy

Having produced replicas of the 1972 3- and 4-cylinder engines we are always looking for improvements on all aspects of the engine. We have spoken to some top car and bike engine designers and have now moved on to use Colsibro® as our valve guide material.

Mark Kay, Director, MV Meccanica Verghera

MV Meccanica Verghera’s use of Colphos 90 (a phosphor bronze material also available from Columbia Metals) is now replaced with Colsibro®.

“On our first engines we decided to use Colphos 90 for guides,” continues Mark. “This has worked well for the last few years but as the engines are becoming more powerful we are still looking to improve on all aspects, no matter how little.”

We have now produced race engines with the Colsibro® guides installed and dyno and road tests are looking good.

Mark Kay

Notable Achievement

In fact, the tests turned out so well that Black Eagle Racing, set up by Mark in 2008, has already attained some prominent victories at the Classic TT races. Earlier in 2014, one of Black Eagle’s MV Agustas set a new lap and race record in the 350cc Classic TT races. In 2015, this achievement was followed by Black Eagle finishing first in the 500cc race and achieving a top speed of 110.98 mph.

“Black Eagle Racing will be competing again at 2016’s Classic TT,” concludes Mark, “and all four of our bikes will be using Colsibro® valve guides.”

MV Meccanica Verghera

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