Ultrasonic-Based Clamp-On Flow Measurement Systems

em-tec GmbH has further developed the ultrasonic-based Clamp-On flow measurement system that has already proven itself in medical technology in line with the transit-time difference method to the BioproTT™ system. This system meets the specific requirements of GMP-oriented bioprocess measurement technology.

BioproTT™ Flow Measurement System


  • Contact-free
  • Easy integration
  • Large sensors selection

The BioproTT system constitutes a disinfectable Clamp-On Transducer and a flow meter with the measuring electronics. The incorporation of the transducer is hygienic and media-free thanks to simple insertion of flexible hoses, which also fulfill the specific requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Sensors from em-tec GmbH come in various sizes for internal diameters ranging from 1/16" (1.59 mm) to 1 1/4" (31.75 mm) and flows ranging from a few ml/minute to 100 l/minute. It is possible to calibrate the sensors to different temperature media and up to seven different hose materials. Smaller sizes like 1/32" ID are also available on request.



The flow measurement system BioproTT™ is oriented to the GMP requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry. (Picture: em-tec GmbH)

Disinfectable Clamp-On Transducer

Disinfectable Clamp-On Transducer (Image: em-tec GmbH)

flowtrack flowmeter

The measuring electronics of the system is located in the flowtrack flowmeter. (Picture: em-tec GmbH)

Media can be either pure or as an emulsion or can contain, for example, carbohydrates, alcohols, proteins, salts, or cellular components. The system is available with various flow meter options with standard interfaces (4-20 mA / RS232), which enable an effortless integration into the automated environment. In addition, a user interface and display allow the table version to be operated separately as an independent measuring device.


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