Coffee Flow Meters – Beverage Meters for Coffee Machines

Coffee Flow Meters

Recently, Titan was approached and asked if it could make $1 coffee flow meters, which would be more reliable than the present $1 turbine coffee flow meters, for use in coffee dispensing machines. By taking advantage of technological innovations explained in one of Titan’s recent ultrasonic flow meter patent applications, the company created a flow metering system that used the already on-board microprocessor and functioned very well for the top half of the water storage. Though the first 4 or 5 cups were at acceptable volumes, the performance became unacceptable as the water in the reservoir decreased. See Figure 1.

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

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Coffee Flow Meters

Unfortunately, as Titan used a traditional filter coffee machine powered by boiling water it faced difficulties with gas break-out and lower pressure heads. This is usually an issue with all ultrasonic flow meters. However, drawing upon its knowledge of turbine flow meters, the company was able to figure out for the customer the actual fluid movement within their pipes. This helped to explain some of the anomalies they had been facing with their $1 turbine. Figure 2 below clearly represents both reverse and forward flow as the flash boiler discharges and charges. Although the turbine flow remains positive because of the inertia in the turbine, the actual flow shows reversals similar to the ultrasonic flow signal from the inherently bi-directional meter.

turbine frequency and ultrasonic flow meter reading

Figure 2. Blue line is the turbine frequency, yellow line ultrasonic flow meter reading.

For a no-commitment discussion on problems that customers are experiencing with their current flow meter technology, and how it might be solved, they can contact Titan Enterprises.

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