OEM Transducer Designs

Strain gage transducer is the most accurate way of measuring load, pressure, torque, and force. In other words, a transducer is an effective technique to convert mechanical strain into electrical values. HITEC offers transducers that can be integrated into the assembly or component at any stage of the product life cycle.

Strain Gage-Based Transducer

The use of a custom strain gage-based transducer, designed and manufactured by HITEC, removes the need to adapt standard off-the-shelf transducers, hence, eliminating restrictions.

First, a detailed face-to-face discussion to understand the measurement requirements is performed. Next, HITEC produces mechanical design, electrical documentation, or transducer specifications. The design is reviewed and subsequently approved by the customer. Before a full production run, a small run of prototypes are tested. HITEC can produce any custom transducer in different quantities, from one to more than 100,000.

Prior to delivery, all transducers undergo final health checks, including shunt reading, insulation resistance, zero balance values at a minimum, and bridge resistance. Communication with engineering and HITEC customer service teams support the requirements of customers by utilizing the most traditional scheduling systems such as Kanban for just-in-time.

The Whole Package

  • A staff of engineers with years of experience in custom design transducers
  • Complete mechanical design, electrical design capabilities
  • Different types of strain gage including high output, resistive, and semiconductor strain gages
  • FEA analysis for stress pattern prediction
  • Environmental protection and pc board conformal coating
  • Complete design and manufacturing of all components such as telemetry systems, component flexure, custom electrical pc board, chip-based amplifiers, all miscellaneous components such as flexible circuits, housings, cables, cable strain relief, and connectors for a turn-key transducer assembly
  • Torque calibration
  • Temperature compensation per specification
  • Higher level assembly with transducer integration capabilities
  • Force calibration in tension and compression
  • US-based manufacturing and off-shore manufacturing options
  • Wide variety of outputs including analog and digital signals of customer’s choice
  • Quality ISO 90001-2008

HITEC Sensor Developments, Inc

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