Monitoring Temperature with WiFi Sensors at Venture Seafoods

Fishermen have often been at the vanguard of new technology adaptation – they were early adopters of the GPS (Global Positioning System), which allowed them to track and locate shoals of fish in real time. Venture Seafoods are catchers and suppliers of award-winning seafood based on the East Yorkshire coast in Bridlington.

They are legally required to keep track of the temperatures at which their fish are stored after they’re caught, and during the transportation process – but until they used Lascar’s technologies, this was a laborious process. They had to manually monitor the temperatures with measurements three times a day, which were then written on printed spreadsheets – which is inefficient and prone to error.

Gary Hodgson, who works at Venture Seafoods initially looked at non WiFi temperature sensors but found that, “The cost and hassle of installing more data cables, waterproof data points etc. was enough to put us off.”

When a supplier recommended the EL-WiFi range of WiFi temperature sensors, “...the size, cost and simplicity of the unit and the software made it a very easy decision.”

Now, Venture Seafoods has EL-WiFi temperature sensors fitted on the inside of each of their seafood storage chillers and externally on the fish freezers. The display allows them to see the storage temperature of the fish by simply inspecting the freezer, and all of the temperature data is being recorded on the central PC in their office if it’s ever needed. The software includes the ability to set up a range of acceptable temperatures and email alerts if they’re ever exceeded. Gary finds these email alerts an excellent feature.

They save me having to attend the premises when the factory is closed just to check the temperatures.

Gary Hodgson, Venture Seafoods



EL-WiFi Cloud wireless monitoring

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