Using Power Protection in the Semiconductor Industry

power quality solution

As a world leader, ABB offers a complete range of services for the semiconductor market, driven by a sophisticated development program, breakthrough innovations, and superior technologies. The company has installed a 3,000 kVA AVC in a semiconductor facility in Penang, Malaysia, to help protect the power to their micro-chip testing facility.

Power Quality Solution

A high-quality electrical supply is essential in several industries, but for a global leader in semiconductor back-end solutions alike, it is a business requirement. The company was in need of a power quality solution to alleviate the power sag problems arising from the utility supply. They had been encountering major sags every month causing the testing equipment to trip, and as a result, the production has to be ceased for reprogramming. This resulted in man power, downtime, and material wastage, which are concerns that directly impact the profitability and delivery/production needs of the company.

PCS100 Active Voltage Conditioner

As part of the expansion project of the facility, ABB's local sales manager in Malaysia arranged for a demonstration active voltage conditioner (AVC) to be installed as a trial system for several months. After the trial was successful, a PCS100 AVC was installed at the end of 2016 in one of their switch rooms to protect their micro-chip testing facility.

Undoubtedly, the semiconductor industry is very important, as semiconductors serve as the main building materials for significant electronic products. Semiconductor devices range from the miniscule, lightweight memory chips and microprocessors through to power semiconductors that are very efficient and dependable. Extremely high-quality electrical power is required to produce these sensitive chips. Without state-of-the-art power protection, this is simply not available from the electrical utility. The cost of down time, lost production, quality and eventually lost profit can be of a huge scale for semiconductor manufacturing fabrication plants that are not sufficiently protected.

PCS100 active voltage conditioner

ABB is providing a good solution and quality equipment to improve our production activity. Furthermore, the after sales support is satisfactory and is up to our expectation.

Facility Manager

ABB’s PCS100 AVC is capable of reacting within a few milliseconds to offer an efficiency rate surpassing 98%, while providing continuous voltage unbalance correction and online regulation. ABB’s PCS100 AVC has been extensively applied in the semiconductor industry for process protection which resulted in enhanced product yield and reduced waste.

Several international studies have recognized voltage sags as one of the most costly power quality problems for continuous process industry. For the electricity utilities, such voltage sags are very difficult to remove from even the most robust power systems at transmission connection levels. Sags, which are generally caused by lightning and system faults, will propagate relatively large distances through the electrical network causing sensitive loads to trip. While for some customers, this can be a mere inconvenience, for many it leads to expensive product loss and downtime.


This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by ABB Power Conditioning - Discrete Automation and Motion Division.

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