Why ReManufactured Microscopes are the Future

The Benefits of Choosing a Remanufactured Microscope from TSS Microscopy

“Why would I want to buy a remanufactured scope?” TSS gets asked this question a lot, it’s a great question and fortunately, one that is easy to answer.

First, some background on TSS Microscopy. TSS opened their doors in 2003, and their core business – which was built from the ground up – is remanufacturing and servicing today’s major brands of SEM, TEM, FIB and dual beam. As a result of continued growth, they now offer consumables, accessories, parts on their eBay Store, and novel products that are TSS-owned, like an infra-red camera that can be used on a FIB to see through silicon.

However, their core business – where they make the most significant investment in both material and human resources – is the remanufacture of focused electron and ion beam microscopes. Since their founding, TSS Microscopy has added personnel and facilities in Europe, Asia and elsewhere in the world, so they can better serve the growing need for high quality, remanufactured electron microscopes. It is important to them that you understand “who is TSS Microscopy” before they tell you more specifically about the advantages of remanufactured microscopes.

So, back to the question: why choose a remanufactured microscope for sale over a brand-new product?

The answer is simple: it gives you an avenue for meeting your technical requirements while allowing your budget to go further.

Customers are asked to consider whether a microscope that is a few years old and maybe doesn’t have every single “bell and whistle” found on new scopes, could still perform their technical task. As we all know, the overall technology in the area has changed a lot – but some of the critical functionality has not changed that much. Digital wrappers have been placed and improved, and facades have been made more modern, but sometimes the core of the “older” piece of equipment is very similar or identical to that of the “new” equipment, so selecting remanufactured may not mean a compromise.

With a remanufactured scope, customers can potentially make their budget go further, allowing them to add capabilities that would have otherwise required additional funding. For many applications, a remanufactured, used electron microscope delivers the same results as a new microscope, but with much higher ROI.

So, now that you are thinking of the reasons why a remanufactured microscope might be ideal for your requirements, how about a second question: why choose to work with TSS Microscopy?

The answer is simple: because their full time, core business is remanufactured microscopes.

They are not the sole proprietor who knows how to use a SEM and “refurbs” it in the garage, or the small shop that sells used equipment as a sideline. With a purchase this important – because you are staking your reputation on this decision – you want to be sure you are working with a company that not only will meticulously remanufacture the equipment, but also will continue to support you after the purchase. And TSS Microscopy is that company.

Microscopes from TSS have been remanufactured to original OEM specifications, so they leave the TSS factory like-new. And to TSS, remanufacturing is more than just dusting off the equipment and making sure that it works. They completely dismantle the microscope, inspect every corner of it, make any needed repairs or refurbishments, then we reassemble and test, putting it through the same performance checklist that you would expect from the OEM. And then when they install the microscope at the customer site, it is put through rigorous customer acceptance tests. In addition to all of the support you get as your scope is remanufactured and installed, they offer dual beam, fib, and electron microscope repair services to ensure you’re covered from start to finish.

Another major benefit of purchasing a remanufactured microscope from TSS is their lead times. They can often provide tools in 60 days or less – sometimes a lot less – whereas the OEMs typically have lead times of six months or longer. When you need a scope, and you need it quickly, TSS can usually oblige.

Here are some other reasons to consider TSS Microscopy:

  1. They offer only major microscope brands; there are no defunct brands in their inventory
  2. Small customers are as important to them as large customers; no one is too small to get superstar treatment
  3. They service and support what they sell, and will continue to do so for years to come; from electron microscopy service to dual beam service, their Microscope Maintenance and Service options cover all scopes
  4. They maintain an inventory of parts for the microscopes that they sell
  5. They have a dedicated remanufacturing team and that are OEM trained
  6. They are a small, USA-owned and operated business, with our headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by TSS Microscopy.

For more information on this source, please visit TSS Microscopy.


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    We are glad that we can count on TSS Microscopy to help us with our endeavours. TSS Microscopy staff dedication and outstanding commitment are continuously demonstrated by their great support and fast response, which make them a true business partner with high quality standards.

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