Tradeshow Talks with BinMaster - NPE 2018

Tradeshow Talks with BinMasterW156

Could you please tell me about BinMaster and why you are at NPE?

BinMaster is a supplier of instrumentation for determining the amount on inventory in your tanks, vins, silos and then also process control instruments for high and low level indication, as well as the accompanying software to go with the inventory measurement products.

What products are you highlighting at NPE?

A lot of the focus this week is going to be on our inventory instrumentation, ranging from our smart-bot cable base system, to our not contact radar, to our completely wireless laser transmitter as well as the 3D level scanner which is capable of mapping the material surface for volume accuracy and plastic resin applications.

What sets you apart from any competition in your space?

One thing that certainly sets us apart is that we have got the full line of level control and inventory management products. Because of that we are not going to push you in any direction, we are going to give you the facts and then let you decide which direction you want to go and what is going to benefit your operation.



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