Tradeshow Talks with R. Stahl at ACHEMA 2018

Tradeshow Talks with R. StahlHall 11.1, Stand C45

Tell us about the company and why you are attending ACHEMA 2018.

R. Sthal is a company that provides systems and products for explosion protection in hazardous locations. Most of what we do is controlling energy distribution in low voltage systems such as junction boxes, control stations, lighting equipment and automation parts. Automation means HMI terminals and interface products and cameras.

One of the reasons we are here today is to show our electronics to customers and find out what products they would to have. Say for instance, a CISCO access point which is not made for hazardous areas – we have the technology to encapsulate that and to allow the customer to install it in such areas.

We can put a lot of non-enabled electronics for hazardous areas in to big enclosures. Once the electronics have been enclosed, they can be installed in hazardous locations like refineries, chemical corporations or pharmaceutical or off shore rigs, things like that.

Which products are you promoting today?

We are here to promote the whole range of products that we offer and their uses. What we absolutely want to highlight is the enclosure, because it offers a completely unique type of explosion protection. If an explosion in the enclosure happens, then the enclosure's built in a way that does not allow it to get out.

It must be of course mechanically very strong so that if there is air which is hot, it's cooled down. Now this enclosure, and it's an innovation, it allows us to release the high pressure of the explosion through a special metallic grid.

For this, the thickness of the enclosure walls are lowered so we can build up enclosures which are larger and weigh less. We also use materials which we are not used to far. That helps the customer to build any larger electronics in exposed areas.

What makes you unique in the market?

We offer a wide range of products, providing a one stop shop for customers that need such equipment here in Europe, as well as in the United States, for instance. We can also change the design of the equipment to provide different types of explosion protection in the US and other parts of the world.

We have components that we offer and we build up the containers for customers where they can modify everything. We test it on land for a safe area and then we deliver it in a chopped up form. After that, it just needs to be plugged in.

The company itself is over 120 years old, we have only been providing explosion protection equipment since the 60's and 70's, so we're one of the pioneers in this area, and that, I would say makes us unique.


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