Maximum Isolation with the AEK-2011 Acoustic Enclosure


Herzan has produced the biggest and best-performing acoustic enclosure ever built for a workstation. The aim was to make a highly adaptable enclosure which could be used for any large instrument which needed to be completely insulated from the surrounding to prevent acoustic vibrations.

It was designed taking into view the requirements of the end users as well as the manufacturers of different types of instruments. This large enclosure has more than 58 cubic feet of space inside, so that even the big SPM equipment combinations may be fitted into it, with their IO microscopes, cameras, lasers and accompanying instruments.

In addition, it is built to be accessible for all applications intended to test acoustic features, as well as any large devices which are sensitive to this type of noise.


Isolation of acoustic noise: with the use of several layers of differing densities that are made of sound-absorbing materials, the enclosure cuts down the transmission of acoustic noise of both low and high frequencies.

Structural soundness: the AEK-2011 is built over a skeleton of dense welded steel  which keeps it strong and increases the stiffness, thus preventing significant transfer of vibration through the ground.

Completely accessible: it is designed to provide easy access through the use of side panels and a roof which can all be taken off, and is capable of being moved around without difficulty due to its castor wheels, which means any research which is time-critical can be carried out smoothly.

Incredible customization: it offers numerous options for upgraded performance as well as for ease of use, environmental friendliness and even greater accessibility.

Commonly Used Upgrades

Some of the more popular upgrades include:

  • Isolation against both passive and active vibration
  • Customized cable clamp
  • More cable ports
  • NanoDamp frame
  • Additional mounting clamps and shelving systems
  • Customized colors or sizes
  • EMI shielding

Temperature Stability Controller

Temperature Stability Controller


The dimensions of this impressive acoustic enclosure are shown in the images below:

Internal Dimensions

  • In imperial units: 54.2 x 37 x 40 inches (WxDxH)
  • In metric units: 1,376.7 x 939.8 x 1,016 mm WxDxH)

External Dimensions

  • In imperial units: 61.5 x 40 x 71 inches (WxDxH)
  • In metric units: 1,562.1 x 1,1016 x 1,803.4 mm (WxDxH)

To find the right enclosure for one’s application, it is necessary to make sure that the instrument used is not bigger than the internal dimensions of the enclosure. However, a variety of standard enclosure sizes are available, as well as custom enclosure sizes on demand, which makes it possible to enclose any instrument or application in a research-grade acoustic enclosure.


The main performance highlights are summarized below:

  • At 100 Hz, there is 33 dB of acoustic loss
  • At 250 Hz, it is 27 dB
  • At 500 Hz, it is 32 dB
  • At 1000 Hz, it is 34 dB
  • At 2500 Hz, it is 35 dB

All values are approximate.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Herzan LLC.

For more information on this source, please visit Herzan LLC.


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