Protection against acoustic noise with the AEK-2002


The AEK-2002 is the acoustic enclosure of choice for any AFM which needs competent high-grade protection against acoustic noise.

It takes full advantage of more than 20 years of experience with building bigger and better acoustic enclosures with improved isolation technology, and classes as the best solution that has been tested on the ground for preventing any disruption of sensitive devices and setups by acoustic noise.

Several hundred research teams all over the world have chosen the AEK-2002 to shield their research and ensure maximum precision as it provides the most quiet environment for the operation of such work.

AEK-2002 users are concerned first and foremost with only one thing – getting rid of acoustic noise which could adversely impact the data they seek to measure, by combining top-grade hardware with sophisticated insulation and superior accessibility to the equipment enclosed.


The best isolation possible: this is provided by using a mix of layers of varying density, made of sound-damping materials, so that both low- and high-frequency sounds from outside are blocked to the maximum possible extent.

Structural stiffness: the frame of welded steel is so dense that it prevents any significant transference of vibration through the ground because of its high stiffness.

Completely accessible interior: the door opens easily with only five pounds of opening force, while the castor wheels make it extremely maneuverable, so that research which depends on time as a critical factor is not hampered in the slightest.

Unlimited customization: the availability of upgrades means that performance, environmental compliance, accessibility and ease of use can all be improved even further according to the client preference.

Commonly Used Upgrades

While the AEK-2002 standard equipment has many stunning features, several additional features are available as upgrades to make it a perfect fit for any specific research project. The most popular upgrades include:

  • Isolation against both active and passive vibration as an integrated feature
  • Acoustic performance boost
  • EMI shielding
  • NanoDamp Frame
  • Gas purge facility
  • Stability to temperature change
  • Customized colors and sizes


Internal dimensions

  • In imperial units: 25.6 x 28.8 x 24 inches (WxdxH)
  • In metric units: 650 x 731.5 x 609.6 mm (WxdxH)

External dimensions

  • In imperial units: 32.1 x 34.6 x 55.3 inches (WxdxH)
  • In metric units: 815.3 x 878.8 x 1404.6 mm (WxdxH)

To find out which enclosure is the best for any particular application or a specific instrument, the internal dimensions of the enclosure must be taken as the instrument size must fit within these. Many standard and custom enclosure sizes are provided so that any instrument may be enclosed with research-grade acoustic isolation.

The front door of the AEK-2002 is sloping, which should also be taken into consideration when selecting the enclosure, as the front height adjacent to the door is less than the height of the rest of the interior.


The chief performance highlights are shown below:

  • At about 100 Hz the sound loss is 30 dB
  • At 500 Hz it is 35 dB
  • At 1000 Hz it is 38 dB
  • At 1500 Hz it is 43 dB
  • At 2000 Hz it is 43 dB
  • At 2500 Hz it is 44 dB

This top-grade acoustic isolation is achieved across a wide range of sound frequencies because of the multiple layers of sound-damping material of variable density which are used to line the internal surface of the AEK-2002.

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