Protecting Shipments from Moisture Damage

At any given moment, there are millions of containers in transit across the world’s oceans. Some of these containers will have their contents damaged as a result of exposure to moisture. This can be the result of many processes, for example corrosion, mold, warping or the deterioration of packing, but the total losses can be huge.

For example, if a container vessel was carrying 1000 containers, each worth $25,000, the monetary loss as a result of water damage could range from $750,000 if only 3% or products are affected, through to $3 million in the case of 12% of products experiencing water damage.

Container Rain

One cause of moisture damage during shipping is known as container rain, which occurs when humid containers, for example those loaded in humid environments are exposed to a drop in temperature during shipping. This can occur simply as a result of goods being shipped to colder climates, or even from the change in temperatures between day and night. The drop in temperature causes the humid air inside the container to condense from vapor to liquid on the walls and roof of the container once the temperature reaches the “dew point”. This liquid can then fall and damage products and is known as “container rain”.

Controlling the Dew Point to Prevent Container Rain

Using cargo desiccants, for example “Container Dri® II” can help to reduce the moisture content of the air, lowering the dew point below surface temperature, and preventing condensation from forming on the walls of the container. “Container Dri® II” can trap up to 300% of its own weight in moisture, and forms a thick, no-spill gel.

It is easy to use, and can be applied in a variety of configurations, for example using a carabiner and strap to hang from the container ceiling, or using adhesive strips to attach to the container walls. Individual bags with or without adhesive backing are also available.

Benefits of Using Container Dri® II

Container Dri® II can prevent cargo loss due to moisture damage by trapping up to 3× its own weight in moisture. This moisture is trapped as a thick gel which won’t spill, protecting shipments from start to finish. Container Dri® II is easy to install and dispose of and is non-toxic.

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