Stainless Steel Static Grounding Reels for the Fuel Industry

Hunter Spring Products now provides the only stainless steel grounding reels of their type and size, with the introduction of the 700-50R-ST and ROTA-REEL 200-20R-ST static grounding reels. The complete exterior of the reels (hardware, cable, housing, and end clamps) is manufactured from 304-Stainless Steel.

Static Grounding Reels

Utilized extensively in the fuel industry, static grounding reels are usually mounted on refueling vehicles and on platforms at fueling stations. They are also employed in industry to ground large pieces of equipment, like mixing machines, dust collection equipment and conveyor belts, especially where there could be a possible risk of explosion because of static electricity.

These reels are produced to convey static electricity to an earth-ground source safely, without creating a spark. The grounding cable is kept on a spool within the reel’s housing and is pulled to a desired length from the housing before being clamped to an earth-ground source. Static electricity will flow through the reel and cable safely to an earth-ground source when the reel is mounted to a piece of equipment or vehicle.

Hunter Spring ROTA-REEL

Powder-coated steel housings are normally banned from utilization in pharmaceutical and food environments because coatings and paint from these housings can flake off and contaminate end products. The Hunter Spring ROTA-REEL stainless steel static grounding reels are easy to clean and decontaminate, and possess no flake or coatings to chip.

These stainless steel reels are also perfect for use in combustible dust, marine and chemical applications. Excellent corrosion resistance is provided by 304-Stainless steel, so it is largely accepted for use in hazardous (explosive) environments as a low-sparking material.

700-50R-ST and ROTA-REEL 200-20R-ST

The 700-50R-ST and ROTA-REEL 200-20R-ST are both available with Hytrel-coated stainless steel or stainless steel cables and a variety of grounding terminations are available. An internal ratchet mechanism makes sure the cable is fixed at the length required and light tug frees the ratchet and permits the cable to rewind onto the spool.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hunter Spring.

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