Applications of Mid-IR Spectrometers

The ChemDetect™ Analyzer from DRS Daylight Solutions is a self-contained, fully integrated, intelligent spectrometer that can be configured for use as a spectrometer or analyzer. This flexibility means that it is suitable for a range of process control needs within the security, biomedical and industrial sectors, such as applications that need condensed-phase chemical or vapor sensing.

The ChemDetect™ Analyzer is a mid-IR spectrometer, based on DRS Daylight Solutions’ commercially developed, military-qualified quantum cascade laser technology. It can offer a combination of the most up-to-date high-speed broadly tunable QCL technology and advanced room-temperature detection with an onboard computer that comes pre-programmed with an array of chemical ID algorithms.

The device is compact and can measure several chemical specifics simultaneously and in real time, making it an ideal choice for a diverse range of applications.

Industrial Process Monitoring

Modern, demanding manufacturing environments require quality, reliability, efficiency and repeatability within any production process. The mid-IR ChemDetect™ Analyzer can provide any process with the feedback needed to ensure lower costs and higher yields.

It can be configured to work with gas, liquid or solid monitoring applications, and the device can accommodate a range of communication interfaces including USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth to ensure that it can easily integrate into almost any current process.

Protein Analysis

Being able to ascertain the secondary structure content of α-helix and β-sheet by changes in the amide I band is vital, and this is improved via the ChemDetect™ Analyzer’s exceedingly high spectral resolution. Not only that, but the quantity of protein in an aqueous solution can be easily found by the device’s broad tuning range. The needs of every researcher can be met using the device’s flow cell and attenuated total reflection interfaces.


The ChemDetect™ Analyzer offers the industry’s best beam quality. This enhances aqueous mid-IR spectroscopy for the utilization of flow cells, with the instrument’s TEM00 beam profile and pointing offering stability greater than 4 µrad.

Process monitoring can be improved by trace detection of byproducts from bioprocesses within aqueous media and changes within growth media for those bioprocesses. Additionally, the instrument can provide open path, ATR and flow cell interfaces.

Standoff Detection

In order to keep personnel safe, it is imperative that residues of hazardous trace chemicals on surfaces can be detected at a distance. When used as a mid-IR spectrometer, the ChemDetect™ Analyzer allows detection by using reflective spectroscopy at a safe distance. The instrument also features best-in-class beam profile and stability.

The ChemDetect™ Analyzer allows users to actively control laser power via an internal reference detector that is able to monitor and feed back data to a microcontroller that is embedded within the unit itself. This enables the user to alter output power so that it is the same level across the whole wavelength spectrum.

Defense and Security

Remotely sensing toxic industrial chemicals or chemical warfare agents is challenging because of the power and weight requirements of average sensing systems. Weighing in at under a kilogram, the ChemDetect™ Analyzer can be attached to a small drone or other unmanned aerial vehicle, meaning that this can be safely transported to the threat, allowing accurate analysis with no risk to personnel. Not only that, but the device can be made automatous using pre-programmed operation modes, controlled via the Linux SBC for onboard analysis.

Materials Processing

Having process control in place that is able to observe stabilizers, crystallization, polymerization and interfacial reactions can really benefit a polymer processing application. The ChemDetect™ Analyzer’s spectral repeatability and high resolution allow for fast, accurate and repeatable measurements when working with the quality assurance and process control of polymers.

Additionally, transmission, ATR and reflection cell measurements can be used to optimize the measurement while minimizing any interfering factors.

Gas/Liquid Phase Analysis

The ChemDetect™ Analyzer is unparalleled in its wavelength accuracy, spectral resolution and acquisition speed capabilities.

It offers a spectral resolution of better than 0.2 cm-1 and wavelength repeatability of 0.006 cm-1 RMS. It is capable of measuring rotationally resolved features of light gas molecules like NH3, H2O, CO2 and CH4.

Additionally, the instrument allows isotopologue measurements due to its spectral resolution and stability. The resolution can also be lowered to accommodate condensed-phase studies.

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