Using Rotator Mounts with Infrared Polarizers

Rotator mounts are designed to rotate polarizers, allowing researchers to control the directionality of the plane of polarization during IR analysis using Specac’s IR polarizers.

GS12500 - Rotator Mount for GS12000 Systems

This rotator mount consists of a 3” x 2”, rotatable slide mount which can be fitted into GS12000 infrared polarizers for FT-IR experiments. The mount is designed to easily fit into any type of spectrometer, with visible angular markings on the outside face to ensure the device is fitted at the correct angle.

This allows the rotator mount to be fitted for the transmission of accurately polarized radiation at any angle between parallel (90°) and perpendicular (0°) with a 5° step difference between rotations.



GS12510 - BenchmarkTM Rotator Mount for GS57010 Systems

This rotator mount works alongside Specac’s Benchmark technology, allowing the mount to be easily attached to any compatible systems aperture port. Systems that have Benchmark functionality include GatewayTM ATR systems, the Golden GateTM and the Silver GateTM.

The GS12510 mount can work with infrared polarizers in Specac’s GS57010 series, which have a 38 mm diameter. Following placement of the polarizer, rotation is possible to choose the angle required for a particular experiment.



GS57340 - Polarizer Series Mounts for GS57010 Systems

This mount series is designed to work alongside GS57010 systems. As with the other mounts, rotation to the degree of polarization is possible by rotating the mount following installation into the system, which can be achieved either direct to bench or via a support.

GS57340 Series

GS57340 Series

This series provides a greater degree of control over the angle of rotation with a step difference of 2° between rotations, accurate to 1°.

Polarizers in this series are supplied with a protective cover, allowing the polarizing disk to be safely stored within the mount in between experiments.

Specifications of the GS57340 Series

  A B C D E
GS57340 95 76.2 25.5 25.4 6.0
GS57350 95 76.2 38.5 25.4 9.7
GS57360 121 101.6 50.5 28.0 6.0
GS57370 121 101.6 67.0 28.0 15.7

All sizes in mm unless stated


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