Using Magnetic Flow Meters to Monitor Food Slurry and Dosing Water

Siemens MAG 5100 W magnetic flow meters are being used by a waste food de-packers manufacturer to monitor food slurry as well as dosing water. Domestically generated food waste and the food waste obtained from food manufacturers or retailers include a proportion of packaging waste such as card, paper, glass, and cans.

If food slurry is used as a feedstock for anaerobic digestion plant, the presence of packaging materials is an issue; de-packaging equipment can be employed for unwrapping, separation, and particle size reduction of food waste before anaerobic digestion.

A process technology company and manufacturer of waste food de-packers has been using Siemens MAG 5100 W magnetic flow meters to track food slurry as well as water (for example, grease trap biowaste) inputs to the de-packaging equipment. Water dosing is used to decrease dry solid content to a suitable level for anaerobic digestion. The Sitrans MAG 5100 W is a magmeter with a patented composite elastomer lining that makes it ideal for all water flow applications, including wastewater, sludge, sewage, and clean water.

Sitrans MAG 5100 W Magnetic Flow Meter Features

  • Controls flow with high level of solids
  • No moving parts resulting in obstruction-less flow measurement
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Comparatively short straight-run requirements
  • Industrial water applications
  • Filtration plant (for example, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis)
  • Water distribution network (leak detection management)
  • Water abstraction
  • Irrigation
  • Custody transfer water meters

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